Her korean name is 정수정 (Jung Soo-Jung), 수정 means crystal in Korea
Likes eye shopping
Likes British accent
Got casted earliest among the 에프엑스 members
her name Krystal, isn’t a made up stage name, it’s her chosen American name when she was born.
She managed to reached 1.9m during the Yeoja Dream Team (ep. where Amber and Luna came to cheer for her) but she was not feeling well. after that she was taken to hospital to check her condition.
loves taking sel-ca
has a lot of CFs experience among her bandmates (counting since she was little)
for her 음악 is a joy
she will picks someone who is uglier than her as her boyfriend, because she doesn’t want her boyfriend have a lot of girlfans and keep stalking him when they’re dating
her blood type is A
at first people thought that she’s SNSD’s Yoona’s sister since they’re look alike
many people said that she looks like SNSD’s Yoona and Yuri instead of her sister Jessica
loves hats
on her sitcom 더 많이 Charming 의해 The 일 she often said ‘WOW!’
Her iPod is red
Always bring body lotion in her bag
Most of the 책 in her house is English 책
Allergic to 사과, 애플 but she loves it
Really likes 망고 and avocado
One of her 가장 좋아하는 음식 is Burrito, it’s a Mexican 음식
Taller than her sister, SNSD’s Jessica
Has a 곰 keychain with Harvard 대학 written on it
She’s an easygoing person
She calls Amber just 의해 her name without ‘unnie’
For her f(x)’s something that very precious
Really hates cucumber
She can speaks English, a bit Japanese and Chinese
She wants to learn French
She doesn’t go to dorm like the other members, she goes to her house since it’s not too far from their dorm
Her 가장 좋아하는 song from Chu~ album is You’re My Destiny
She broke the female high jump record at Dream Team 2 with SHINee’s Minho
She used to go to Korea Kent Foreign School before goes to Hanlim High School majoring Entertainment and Arts
UKISS’ Dongho is her classmate
On 2010 she won the Rookie Comedy Award at MBC Entertainment Awards
She prefers people to call her 의해 her Korean name, Soojung, over Krystal
According to Luna, her Korean pronunciation really sounds like English
Loves meat
SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong stated that she’s prettier than her sister
Doesn’t want a romantic 사랑 story, she prefers a normal kind 사랑
Likes to read English books/magazines
She will picks 강아지 as her pet
When SM Town 음악회, 콘서트 in LA, at Sheraton Hotel she signed for all her 팬 until the security lady told her to stop
Thinks that Audrey Hepburn is close to perfect
She’s very enthusiastic when she sings