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It's not you, it's me
The timing and the setting aren't what I thought they'd be
There's probably someone better for 당신 out there anyway
Maybe I just need some space
No, I should just come out and say

I wanna get this right, babe
I wanna thrill 당신 in the way 당신 deserve
I wanna blow your mind, darling
I'm just having trouble getting up the nerve
I wanna give 당신 what 당신 want
I wanna be the man 당신 choose
I wanna sweep 당신 off your feet
Without puking on your shoes
Maybe I'll do better in the candlelight
I gotta get this right

No, no, no, stay right where 당신 are. I'll put out the fire, my love....
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Again, you're gone
Off on a different path than mine
I'm left behind

Wondering if I should follow
You had to go
And, of course, it's always fine
I probably could catch up with 당신 tomorrow

But is this what it feels like
To be growing apart?

When did I become the one
Who's always chasing your heart?

Now I turn around and find
I am 로스트 in the woods
North is south, right is left
When you're gone

I'm the one who sees 당신 home
But now I'm 로스트 in the woods
And I don't know what path 당신 are on
I'm 로스트 in the woods

Up 'til now
The 다음 step was a 질문 of how
I never thought it was a 질문 of whether...
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 Kristoff and Sven
Kristoff and Sven
Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.)



Reindeers are better than people

Sven, why is 사랑 so hard?

Kristoff as Sven:

당신 feel what 당신 feel

And those feelings are real

C'mon, Kristoff

Let down your guard

Performed 의해 Kristoff and Sven (Jonathan Groff)

음악 and Lyrics 의해 Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
 Kristoff and Sven
Kristoff and Sven
Anna: Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder
And we're all getting older
And the clouds are moving on with every autumn breeze
Peter 호박 just became fertilizer

Olaf: And my leaf’s a little sadder and wiser

Anna: That's why I rely on certain certainties
Yes, some things never change
Like the feel of your hand in mine
Some things stay the same

Anna and Olaf: Like how we get along just fine

Anna: Like an old stone 벽 that'll never fall
Some things are always true
Some things never change
Like how I’m holding on tight to you

Kristoff: The leaves are already falling
Sven, it feels like the future is...
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Fandom: 겨울왕국
Characters: Anna and Kristoff


Anna and Kristoff were watching TV and a guy shows up in it.

„OMG, he's so hot!" exclaimed Anna.

„Who?" asked Kristoff.

„Jared Leto from Thirty 초 to mars!" squealed Anna.

„Never heard of it"

„What!?" exclaimed Anna. „He's one of the hottest guy alive Kristoff, how can 당신 not know him?!" asked Anna.

„I...uh...rarely watch, that's why I don't know him 또는 any silly boy bands."

„Silly boy bands?" asked Anna. „Silly boy bands? SILLY BOY BANDS?!" replied Anna loud.

„Okay, okay they're great" replied Kristoff afraid.

„By the way, they are just an alternate rock band, Hun
Reindeers are better than people
Sven, don’t 당신 think that’s true?

Kristoff as Sven:
Yeah, people will beat 당신 and curse 당신 and cheat you
Every one of them’s bad except you

Kristoff: Oh, thanks buddy

But people smell better than reindeers
Sven, don’t 당신 think that I’m right?

Kristoff as Sven:
That’s once again true, for all except you

당신 got me, let’s call it a night
(Good night)
Don’t let the frost bite bite

Performed 의해 Kristoff (Jonathan Groff)
음악 and lyrics 의해 Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
posted by PrincessFairy
Reindeer(s) are Better than People (Io preferisco le renne)

Kristoff: Sono migliori le renne,
Sven tu ne sai di più.

L’umano è cattivo, crudele, nocivo,
solo uno è buono,
e sei tu!!

Grazie amico!
Ma l’uomo profuma ogni tanto
Sven forse tu lo sai.

Dando voce a Sven: Mi chiedo perché,
non valga per te.

Non saprei!
È tardi lo sai.


Tu non deludermi mai.

Fixer Upper (Un problemino da sistemare)

Bulda: Qual è il problema tesoro?
Perchè respingi un uomo simile?
Saltella sempre come un troll…
Cliff: …non gli piace il rock’n'roll…
Troll femmina: …ha dei piedi grossi quasi quanto me.
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Elsa: You’ve never had a real birthday before
Except, of course, the ones just spent outside my locked door
So I’m here way too late to help 당신 celebrate
And be your birthday 날짜 if I may...Achoo!

Anna: Elsa, I’m thinking 당신 might have a cold
Elsa: I don’t get colds. Besides...
A cold never bothered me anyway

Just follow the string!

I’ve got big plans, I’ve got surprises for today
Nothing but nothing’s gonna get in our way
I’ve worked for weeks, planned everything within my power
I even got Kristoff and Sven to take a shower

If someone wants to hold me back
I’d like to see them try
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Bulda: What’s the issue, dear? Why are 당신 holding back from such a man?

Is it the clumpy way he walks 또는 the grumpy way he talks?
Or the pear-shaped, square-shaped weirdness of his feet?
And though we know he washes well-he always ends up sort of smelly
But you’ll never meet a fellow who’s as sensitive and sweet!

So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper, so he’s got a few flaws
Like his peculiar brain-dear, his thing with the reindeer
That’s a little outside of nature’s laws!

So he’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but this we’re certain of
You can fix this fixer-upper up with a little bit of...
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Kristoff: Reindeers are better than people.
Sven, don't 당신 think that's true?

Kristoff (As Sven): Yeah, people will beat you,
And curse you, and cheat you
Every one of them's bad except you.

Kristoff: Na, na na na na.
Na, na na na na na na.
Na, na, na, na, na, Reindeers!

Na, na na na na.
Na, na na na na na na.
Na, na, na, na, na, Reindeers!

But people smell better than Reindeers.
Sven, don't 당신 think I'm right?

Kristoff (As Sven): That's once again true,
For all except you!

Kristoff: 당신 got me, let's call it a night!
Good night!
Don't let the frost bite.

I don't need a crown 또는 a castle,
One's a headache, one is a hassle,
I only need a sled and my reindeer.
당신 may think I'm ragged and rural,
But I know when Reindeer's a plural,
That I'm supposed to say Reindeer!

Na, na, na, na, na, na!
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Reindeers!

Why didn't I get a real song?