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Hahaha xD Well, Liz talked about trains and pie so much :D
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I found this funny! this is for all of the people who watch 아바타 :D THIS IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES
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So, first article!! Yayz!!:D
A few things about Krista.....

1) she's an EPIC writer

2) she's a really nice person who stands up for what she believes in

3) she's incredibly kind

4) she fights against bullies, making her brave

5) she's, like, a Hunger Games and Percy Jackson FANATIC

6) she knows what to say to comfort people

7) she's a very patient person. Not ONCE have I seen her get mad, which takes serious skills

8) she's talented! Even if she denies it

9) she welcomes everyone

10) she doesn't discriminate

11) she loves her bunny, Shadow

12) she has one forum, called 'Percy and the hunger games', which is a must read

13) she never gives up

14) she believes in doggedly pursuing your dreams

15) overall, she's is one of the greatest 프렌즈 known on Fanpop

Go Krista!!:D
Peace out.
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I 사랑 this song! :D so glad its in my 가장 좋아하는 movie! (The Hunger Games)
가장 좋아하는
테일러 스위프트
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Hello everyone, this is Krista. I would like to thank all of you, for all of the great times we had together, for making me laugh, and smile and feel like I was wanted. 당신 welcomed me to 팬팝 and showed me all of the wonderful people on it, everyone I have met I feel blessed to have met you, I am truly grateful for the wonderful 년 I have shared with you. I am sad to say I will no longer be on fanpop, I will not return on this account, 당신 may see me on another account here, but not for a while... I am so sorry, I will only be on deviantART.
once again, thank 당신 for the fond memories.

-Kristina Smith