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posted by Cherry9090
I was lost.
I was alone.
I did not know where to go.
Who to turn to.
Then someone spoke up.
Someone affered a kind.
And gental word.
I was wear.
I was scrared to tell him.
Scared he would not beleive.
I told him
He believed me.
He helped.
Someone to talk to.
Someone to never give up.
Someone who never gave up hope.
Someone to take me hand.
He never let go.
He saw proof.
He never backed down.
He was there at the most horrable moments.
A damn good freind.
I'll never see him.
I'll never skake his hand.
I'll never hug him.
He lives miles away.
He is always careing.
Someone to never back down.
someone who is as trapped as...
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posted by KowalskiTheLich
In case anyone cares about the 음악 I listen to, here are my 가장 좋아하는 bands and their 상단, 맨 위로 five songs...

1. Iron Maiden-Dance of Death, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear of the Dark, Pachendale, For the Greater Good of God

2. Wintersun-Death and the Healing, Beyond the Dark Sun, Winter Madness, Starchild, Battle Against Time

3. Nightwish-Ghost 사랑 Score, Dark Chest of Wonders, The Poet and the Pendulum, Stargazers, Sleeping Sun

4. Iced Earth-Dante's Inferno, Dracula, Phantom Opera Ghost, Come What May, Melancholy

5. Metallica-Creeping Death, Fade to Black, Bleeding Me, One, The 일 That Never Comes

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