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posted by TAIKAMODO
Team Zen is a crime syndicate that primarily operates in the Koshi region. Team Zen is an organization that wishes to obtain the power of the Legendary Pokemon in order to "Unite the world". They specialize in psychic types, which coincidentially is the same type as the great legendary pokemon Yingreeva, which is the very Legendary Pokemon they seek. Their goal is to unite the world 의해 taking control the minds of every person on earth using he legendary pokemon.

Their reasoning for taking over the world through mind control is summarized in the quote of Xiang, their leader.

"Difference leads...
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posted by TAIKAMODO
Koshi is a coastal region,based off off of Kyushu Island in 일본 (Here:link).The region itself sits in the oceans southwest of Kanto.As far as the land itself,it is similar to that of a Tropical forest Biome,and there are many dirt paths and forests all across the region.

All cities and towns in the Koshi region are primarily named after flowers,as a sort of nod to the variety of plant life on Koshi,and the surrounding smaller islands.The islands surrounding it are known as the Shikoku islands.

The professor of the region is named Allen Hawthorn,based off of the Hawthorn tree. He has short Blonde...
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