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posted by deathding
Don't know why you're not on,

Don't know what went wrong,

But I still haven't met 당신 cause

that's just how long you've been gone.

So why don't 당신 come back?

Make me stop 노래 this crap,

we could become 프렌즈 and I

think that we'd both like that.

Me and your

fans hope that

someday you're gonna come back!

I tell myself

that I'll get to know 당신 someday!

I'm not lying


that me and your 팬 hope that


you're gonna come back!

Now things are coming clear,

that so many want 당신 here,

and since there's all the voices,

we all want 당신 to hear.

So I'll stay up half the night,

staring at this light,

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