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added by SkittlesCute
I have a Kindle 불, 화재 HD that I received and I have read over 120 책 since Christmas. That's because 아마존 makes getting 책 that are either free on cheap easy.

Go to the Kindle store and type in $0.00. 당신 will find thousands of titles that go from the classics to contemporary works. The selection is so much 당신 might need to filter titles. That can be done 의해 typing in a genre like mystery 또는 science fiction after putting in the price.

If you're on 페이스북 당신 can find even 더 많이 bargains from various pages that track them for you. I subscribe to several such pages and usually come away with several 책 that are either cheap 또는 free,

if 당신 사랑 책 and on a limited budget having a Kindle 불, 화재 will help 당신 feed your appetite for 책 with having to spend hundreds of dollars.