Kim Possible Which 'Stop Team Go' quote is the funniest?

Pick one:
"Yeah about that,you've been away for a while. There's something 당신 should know
Ron: "See it says so on the board." Kim: "Putting something on the board doesn't
"No 바닷가, 비치 just jellyfish, don't ask."
"Shego, can 당신 get this open. Shego. Shego?"
"It's just that I've never been so close to 당신 without sudden impact."
"We put her away back in the day...oh 저기요 that rhymes!"
"Shego, this was funny a couple hours ago. But not anymore."
"Jim, Tim, 옮기기 over. Make some room for your sister's arch foe."
"Don't tell me you'd rather see the memopad too?"
"Bad idea to bring up world domination on a first date."
Ron: "Booyah ha ha ha ha!" Kim: "Not again..."
 zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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