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posted by Bungle1
Immortality, could only be given 의해 choice, and could only be received 의해 a pure breed. I was one of those bestowed with this gift, to use it as a means to keep order. To observe an guide the world as it grew, to keep order an discipline. But with all power, there are individuals who get greedy, an abuse it for their own satisfaction, the forsaken. My task as the last surviving Ruthik is to hunt down the forsaken and put an end to their dastardly ways.
The morning was cold, never before had I felt such coldness. I knew they were near, searching for me, always in packs hoping to take me 의해 surprise....
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posted by Bungle1
There was three main races when I was born, the Ruthiks were the most powerful race, they were as fast an agile as light with the power to emit electricity an raw energy at will, the only way to distinguish them from humans was their eyes, they would glow white when they used their powers.
Then there was the Ramens , they were small creatures who kind of resembled dwarfs , they were masters in the art of wizardry, able to cast magic spells that could blind 당신 instantly 또는 completely wipe your mind so 당신 didn’t even recognise your own family.

The third an final race was the Aztos, they were...
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posted by Bungle1
The cold blade penetrated with ease, severing tendon’s and muscle’s as it went. The faster they came towards it, trying to claim it for themselves, the faster they were falling. The shrieks of pain grew silent as the last of them fell.

My name is Kellar , the last surviving decent of the Ruthik Family. For two thousand years I had defended my throne, waiting to fall but never finding an opponent worthy of defeating me. Our world was a charade of smoke and mirrors, the humans had no knowledge of our existence, of all the so called “monsters hiding in the dark”, if only they knew of the world we called Mooridian.
added by Bungle1
Source: found on google, not actually Kellar.