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케이티 페리 Who should Katy collab with for another BANGING Hip Hop track on her 다음 album?

13 fans picked:
Iggy 진달래
니키 미나즈
 JawanM posted over a year ago
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JawanM picked 니키 미나즈:
I think that Rihanna would make for too much singing, Iggy for too much yelling and pop, and Nicki just right for making a real hip hop/rap collab. The others options would be intersting though. #ThePinkPrint (including Beyonce, Jeremih, and Ariana Grande)
posted over a year ago.
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celebrityluv picked 리한나:
Rihanna because I love a lot of her music and it is more likely that Katy would collaborate with her because they are good friends! Also I don't like rap too much and I can't Nicki Minaj. I never heard Iggy so I don't know about her music. I Think Rihanna would sound best with her out of these choices anyway!
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago