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posted by Katey1hefox07
Skye, rosie, everest were all laughing when 동토대, 툰드라 got her butt stuck in the floaty? would of had laughed so hard at 동토대, 툰드라 when she would do the pup pup boogie, she almost laughed out loud when this occurred. But when 동토대, 툰드라 got home, she had this bathing suit on and screamed when she looked at the mirror because she still had the floaty toy on and called Skye and Everest to come over and everyone tugging the floaty off along with her mom and dad, but it would not come off,she said "i...cant get it off " she strained but when they pulled the hardest of all, it came off of her! Yay! This was all a fake story!!! ☺