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posted by xSiVePux
당신 really wanna know how to fit and fill into Journalist? Here let me tell you, in Journalist there are many jobs and professions but to know the job 당신 must know your profession. A person who 가입하기 Journalist called a Journalistic but that person only take one profession like writer, reporter, presenter, news reader, and many 더 많이 also Journalist have 2 world and that's LITERATURE WORLD and ENTERTAINMENT WORLD this both is a part of Journalist but different characters. Other than that in LITERATURE WORLD there are many jobs the Journalistic must create such as hot news, specific news, accompany...
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Ingredients :
1.3 pieces of garlics
3.White pepper
4.Chili sauce
5.Sweet ketchup
6.Salty ketchup
7.England ketchup
9.Sesame oil
10.Shrimp, squid, and chicken (as much 당신 want)
11.2 pieces Chicken/beef sausages
12.1 piece of egg
13.Oyster sauce
14.And cooked rice

How to make it? goodluck for yourself and figure it out if 당신 want to make, because I won't tell the details about it!

And anyway if 당신 had 더 많이 great 또는 unique recipes of yours 당신 can write it in here! and 당신 don't need to 가입하기 the spot first, 당신 can visit only and just write it

Really! I don't mind and I'm not a kind of person who likes to force 또는 threat people!!
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added by xSiVePux
added by xSiVePux
An Iraqi woman who completed the Master of Arts Journalism program at the 대학 of Western Ontario
zahraa al khalisi
suzi blu