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charlie bit the kids finger
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Chad: Sonny I need your help!
Sonny: Chad? What do 당신 want?
Chad: I oddered 7 tickes so Mecanzie falls can come to this croose and they got me 12! I need u to have this 5!
Sonny: What's the cech?
Chad: There isn't one!
Sonny: Oh! Okay then thanks!

Sonny: Guys gusse what?
Tonny: The presadnt said I can have a new town and name it Tonny Land!
Sonny: aaaaaaaaaa no!
Tonny: Gang darnt!
Sora: They Eleked me as school presadnt?
Sonny: no!
Sonny: Were going on a crose!
All: What?
Sonny: Isn't great?
Tonny: That is amazing! Where is it?
Sonny: The tipden!
Tonny: Even better!
Sonny: Come on guys let's back!
Marshel: Back...
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Ben: Great were loseing! Ummmmmmmmm, *Turns to MindMasser*
Mindnesser: Mindmesser!!!!!!!!!! Owen!
MinMesser: Be quit!
Owen: Yes sure!
Mindmesser: Now jump on your hot tube when chris comes!
Owen: Yes sure!
Mindmesser: Good! Time for *Turns to Xsala8*
Xsala8: Xsala8! *Runs super fast and makes hot tube nice!*
Ben: Good!
Chris: Time for the jugeing! *looks at the Bass*
Now thta's a hot tube! Now the Goffers!\
Owen: *Jumpes on it*
Goffers: Owen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cHRIS: oKAY IT LOOKS like the 베이스 win!!!!!!!!
Bass: *Chere*
Chris: so Goffers I'll see 당신 to night!

Chris: Noah! Looks like there is only One 더 많이 marshmelow and it gose to.....
Chris: Heather!
Heather: Yay!
Chris: Owen, Go man!
Owen: Man!
Chris: Well, the reast of 당신 looks like 당신 two will be here for a nouther week! For now!
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Keven: GWENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Charmcaster: Yes this power is mine!!!!!!
Keven: No it's not! *Jump in front of gwen*
Gwen: *Fall's* Keven no!!!!!!!!
Keven: I have to do. I have to save you!
Charmcaster: Well this is still good!
Gwen: No one, takes Keven's powers!! *Plast a 담홍색, 핑크 레이 out of her hands*
Charmcaster: *Fall's* No 당신 did not!
Gwen: Oh i did! Keven get the novevode projector.
Keven: Got it!
Gwen: Say buy buy Charcaster!
Charmcaster: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goffers: 38 botters of pop on the wall. 38 potters of pop. If one of of the bottles fall, 38 bottles of pop on the wall!...
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Chris: It's time for the t...... Ummmmmmmm,Girls. Stop!Mike? Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: 만, 베이 atenchion!
Mike: Fine!
Chris: Good! If I call your name go stan over there! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Duncan, Ben, Courtney, Geoff, Ezekeol, Bridgette, Herold, Eva, Tylor, Issy, Sadie, and D.J. 당신 guys are the Bass! Ummmmm, the reast of 당신 are the Goffers!
Owen: Yeah! I'm a Goffer!
Sadie: But Katie's a Goffer I have to be a Goffer!
Courtney: Sadie is it? Come on come with me!

Keven: Where do we go next?
Gwen: Right!
Charmcaster: Stop!
Gwen: Charmcaster?
Charcaster: Where are 당신 2 going?...
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Dark Star: 당신 will will never get away Ben!
SitterMounkey: Sure I will! But 당신 wont!
Dark Star: No I will.
SiterMonkey: Yeah, Yeah, tell it to my butt! *Poop webs* Haha!
*Pultole opens up and Ben and Dark 별, 스타 get suk in*
Both: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gwen: Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keven: Where's Ben?
Gwen: I don't know!
Keven: Let me track the Omietrix! Wow He's in Canda!
*Theam song*
Gwen: What Caanda? How? We're in Mexico! Even 의해 Telapoltol he can't get that far.
Keven: Well he's there.
Gwen: That's stange! Wait, Where's Dark star!
Keven: I don't know!
Gwen: Look SpitereMonkey's Webs.
Keven: Sooooooooooooooo?...
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