I 사랑 당신 Jesus,

My Lord and Savior

당신 are the light that guides my feet above the waters

The spring of life that rebukes thirst as I stumble thru the desert

As the storms pass before me, 당신 are my rock and shelter

When the sun beats down upon my face, 당신 are the shield before my eyes

As the enemies set traps before me, your hands lift me up high in your glory

Without you, I am like a ship without a rudder

A horse without a bridle

A sky naked of the moon, sun and stars

A 심장 absent of love

A world without 당신 is dark and empty as the gates leading to Hades

Your 불, 화재 consumes me; your Holy Spirit is the breath of Life within me

I cry out for home, and I seek your kingdom within the depths of my soul

Do not depart from me, for 당신 are the rock for which I stand

Tears of distance shall fade away upon your return for the righteous

I shall wait for your coming as the sun holds patiently to fall into the hands of night

My hope of salvation remains in the grace of your judgment upon my iniquities

My faith is like a seed planted into my heart, seeking to 곰 과일 among the True vine

As I close my eyes and rest my head,

I seek your voice to 검색 me in my dreams

Your hand to cast away the scars upon my heart

Your eyes to comprehend the complexity within my soul