The face that launched a thousand fantasies..
I dream a lot. My dreams are not confined to the night. I dream while I'm making breakfast, while I'm in the shower, while I'm putting on make-up, doing laundry, driving to work...well, 당신 get the idea. All my dreams, whether they are nightly cravings 또는 daily fantasies all have one thing in common: Jared Padalecki.
Now, I know how this sounds. Most people would say I'm obsessed with Jared 또는 I'm just plain nuts. Maybe I am. But I'll let 당신 in on a little secret. Come closer and let me whisper it so nobody else can hear. It feels marvelous!
As the song says "I feel good!" No, my happinesss does not depend on a celebrity, actor 또는 anyone else but, for some inexplicable reason, Jared Padalecki makes me a happier person.
No one can deny that he is beautiful to look at. And, I am not ashamed to say, I do my share of looking. I find 비디오 that make me laugh. I see 이미지 that make my 심장 go pittypat. He is physically imposing, tall and muscular and if there are any Greek gods still keeping tabs on us mere mortals then I'm sure even they feel a bit of envy. I won't go on about his every feature but that thousand-watt smile of his flanked 의해 those boyish dimples makes my insides quiver. And don't get me started on his hair. In my dreams, I find myself running my hands through it quite often. They say that eyes are the mirrors of the soul and if this is true then he must have a truly exceptional soul.
Okay, I said I wouldn't go on. I lied. But that brings me to my point. I do have one. My dreams of Jared are not only erotic in nature..more like 50/50. Well, maybe 60/40. 70/30? Anyway, I often dream of just sitting down with him and having a conversation. Finding out what makes this extraordinary individual tick. Of course, I don't know him but he seems so different from most "celebrities." In a time when most actors complain about 팬 interaction, Jared seems to embrace it. He actually seems to enjoy it. He seems to have an unabashed exuberance for life and his general goofiness cannot be denied but behind that is a person with a very sharp mind. I would like a chance to pick the brain behind those beautiful green(hazel) eyes. I think I would find an intelligent, passionate person with very definite opinions on the world around us.
I could go on about his talent and his caring. One of the first things that really drew me to Jared, beyond the obvious of course, was his 사랑 of animals. This one thing will have my total admiration long after 수퍼내츄럴 ends it run.
We all have our daydreams and fantasies. They give us an outlet for feelings that otherwise might consume us in unappealing ways. Have I dreamed that when I meet Jared on June 4 that our eyes will meet and we'll realize that we're soul mates? Of course I have. Do I think that there's any way in Hell that will actually happen? Of course not. I've also dreamed that I'm walking across the room for my 사진 op and I trip over my own feet and fall flat on my face. This is 더 많이 likely to happen than any of my other fanciful imaginings. Awkward.
Anyhoo, I know I've rambled on. Thank 당신 for bearing with me. When I think about meeting Jared on Saturday, I start sweating profusely(attractive, huh?). I don't have 나비 in my stomach..they feel 더 많이 like dragonflies. My 심장 pounds and I now understand what the phrase "weak in the knees" means. Intellectually, I know that I'll say hi, he'll say hi and the photographer will snap our picture. I can only hope that I can draw it out for 더 많이 than 30 seconds. There will be no earth-shattering moment of realization that our hearts are tagged with the same Enochian sidule. But a girl can dream, can't she?