Sooo, JBD will show 8 더 많이 episodes this summer!
In my opinion, there should be 더 많이 episodes. :)

But, what about Jane and Billy?
What are your thoughts?
I'm going to be on the edge of my 좌석 throughout the 다음 few episodes.
I mean, what's going to happen?! Does Jane like Billy? Will they date? Who will Jane choose?
GAH, too many questions. And I have to wait until summer to find the answers.

But enough 'bout me, here are some 코멘트 about the show returning and Jane and Billy:

"I 사랑 Jane 의해 디자인 I hope that is goes on many many 더 많이 seasons. I hope that jane chooses billy because he is so cute and they already know each other and r perfect for each other. I hope that Jeremy quites 또는 gets fired and they bring back India. :D"

"I hope they FINALLY show Donovan! And I want Jane to choose Billy<3 I would choose my best friend is he said he loved me, because I have feelings for him!(:"

"I don't want Jane and Nick to 날짜 I want Billy and Jane to 날짜 I 사랑 Billy and hopefully Jane and grey become better 프렌즈 and I hope this show goes on for plenty 더 많이 seasons for all the big time 팬 like me!!!"

Here's some about Jane and NICK!:

"I want to see 더 많이 of nick and jane together yes billy and jane r close but nick is so cute and sweet jane and nick need to be together and billy and lulu need to be together...."

"Finally someone with some sense around here! I don't understand why would anyone want jane and billy together, they are so boring. I like her with nick fadden. so what, he kissed another girl? This doesn't mean he liked her. He just did it because he felt him and jane would never happen 또는 something...."

Please 코멘트 and check out Jane 의해 디자인 is 당신 haven't yet.