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posted by iS2cameronboyce
Hellur' So I'm Gunna Tell 당신 All About My Homegirls! My Bestfriends Their Namees Are Kwani, Alyssa, Mya, Mikayla, Makayla <3'
They Are So Awesome But Of Coursee We Have Fights 또는 Alyssa, Mya,&&' Mikayla Would Be Mad At Kwani &' Sometimees I Fell Like Slapping Tha' Shiit Out Of All Of Them Haha

Kwani: Add Her @Wani1124 She My Little Sister &' I Have Her Back Till The End Yeshh We Have Fights Bc We Sisters. She Is One Grade Below Me. I Guess She Is Hyperactive She Gets Hyper Way To Easylly And Im Tha One That Haz To Deal With Hur' Haha Well Anyway I 사랑 Her<3'

Alyssa: Dish...
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posted by Nana13
Haai Thuur Hoez.(x
Well Im Makinq Diz Fuur' Jakayla, She Is The m0st Sweetest Gurlz Yuu'll Ever Meet :) Ilove Her To Death Nd If Anyone Fuckz Wif Her Ill Kill Yuu! >;D Well Not Literally but yuu Kno Yuu Will Mess Wif Me!.. Okay Well All I Wanted to Say is Tht Thanx For Beinq My Friend Yuu've Been The Best Fuur' Mehh<3 IloveYuu Alot Never Foo'qett Mehh Kay..? Kay qood :D Weelllll'
Bye Gurlie!<3<3
Yuu Mean Everythanq To Mehh Always Remember Tht Nd Never Ever Let Anyone Say Yuur Not Beatiful Because Yuur Very Beautiful Inside Nd Out :) Ilove Yuur Personality its awes0me (;