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posted by lovinJake
I change my mind like a 늑대 destroys clothes
Yeah, 당신 PMS like a girl I would know
And 당신 always think, always speak cryptically
I should have known that you're no good for me

'Cause he's hot and you're cold
He says yes and 당신 no
His in and you're out
His up and you're down
You're wrong when he's right
His Black and you're white
We fight, we break up
We hug, and make out
You, 당신 shouldn't wanna stay, no
But you, 당신 don't really wanna go, oh

We use to be as one, so in sync
The same energy now's a dead battery
Used to talk 'bout everything, now you're plain boring
I should have known that you're no good...
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Biting the end of my pen trying to study for my algebra test this Friday, but I can't stop thinking about Jacob and when he said he loved me. I don't get why I keep questioning about what he said, it's not the first time he told me he loved me, I know he means it as a friend term, the way he said it seemed…different. I couldn't take it anymore this whole Jacob might really 사랑 me and studying algebra at the same time was giving me a headache. I looked at the time; 12:14 AM. I headed downstairs and looked for some pills for my headache; it was so hard to see in this dark. I spread out my...
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posted by karlygirl26
저기요 guys, my name is Karly and I've decided to write my own 팬 fiction. Okay, imagine Edward never came back because Alice never told Roslie anything, so Edward never assumed Bella died. And now it's just Jacob and Bella. Here's the start of my story- lengthy 의해 the way- and let me know what 당신 think 또는 any ideas 당신 have that 당신 would like me to add in. I appriciate all thoughts negative 또는 positive. :) Thanks. :)

*Full Moon*

    The piercing shrill of my alarm clock woke me up out of my deep sleep. I threw my arm at it hitting the buttons, hoping it was snooze. I sat...
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my friend Denzel helped me out in this chapter.

"What about you?,"I questioned."Bella I'm in 사랑 with you!"Jacob confessed.I was shocked and surprised,there was an awkward silence afterward.I turned to looked at him,but still stayed silent.Jacob got frustrated and regretted saying what he said.

Jacob walks up to a 나무, 트리 and kicks it."I'm sorry,"Jacob says.He alters into 늑대 form and runs off,"Jake wait-"but it was too late,he disappeared into the dark woods.I started feeling depressed,I got in the truck.I saw the tickets on the 좌석 and...
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 "What about me?"
"What about me?"
Lets think back to New moon,pretend Bella didn't "Cliff dive" off a cliff so Alice wouldn't think Bella was dead.So Edward wouldn't almost expose himself as a vampire.So Bella and Jacob could spend a longer time together.
The Winter snow that shined like dimounds,like some one I knew of.Edward still didn't come back,me still having the dreams.Spending time with Jacob really helped me not think of the negative.

I lied on my 침대 waiting for Jacob like a 강아지 waits for there owner to come back after a long period...
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음악 flowed through my ears as I wrote a verse of the song; I paused and glanced at a picture of Jacob, Sam, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul and Jared they was bunched together but the only person I couldn’t keep my eye off of was Jacob. I whipped a tear as I continued to write.
Baby I loved 당신 from the very start even though I knew that 당신 break my heart.
I quickly changed the song searching for another song that could help me express myself. I couldn’t find the words on my own, I rarely could, I would always either write down lyrics 또는 say them if I knew them 의해 memory, my bad habit gotten...
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posted by livebreathjacob
Sorry I wrote this then I deleted it so I had to start over was it good enough to start over please comment
( some contect taken directly from new moon)
We rolled down the windows, letting the icey night air blow through the car, hoping it would help mike. I curled my arms around my legs to keep warm.
"cold, again?" Jacob asked, putting his arm around me before I could answer .
"You're not?"
He shook his head.
"you must have a fever 또는 something," I grumbled. It wAs freezing I touched my fingers to his forehead and his head was hot.
"Whoa, Jake -- you're burning up!"
" I feel fine" he shrugged "fit...
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chapter 1 ~

i thought that my life was normal easy clear stable but life is change a lot .... when 당신 got that change the fear control s every cell of your body the fear of the future 당신 would never give the thought of it will be better a change for good i think !.....~
my mother and i never did agree On one thing in all my life she always think that i am the liability promising future since the 일 i came to this life i stop her planes for the future . we fight a lot i start to think to leave 집 live alone some were she was the 초 wife of chief 백조 but she got divorced after she got...
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this is not my work!!



1. On the beach, baking mud pies, 1995

"And then we would get married here on the 바닷가, 비치 and 당신 would wear one of those puffy whites dresses and we would buy a house right 의해 my parents' and we would have a dog and then we would have 아기 an-" 5-year-old Jacob black was interrupted in his – in retrospect rather decent prognosis – 의해 a handful of mud landing on his thigh.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust, which – considering the mass of smeary mud that already covered his fingers – seemed a bit theatrical, looking at...
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Bella's POV
I woke up as if in a dream. I was surrounded 의해 pitch blackness. Everywhere around me were images. Mostly memories of what I had done throughtout my life. Ever since I was a little girl to a coulpe of hours ago. Suddenly, I realized, that a lot of the memories had Jacob in them.

I couldn't believe what I had done I pretty much gave up most of my life to not see that the perfect one for me was Jacob. I started to tear up and sob. But suddenly a new memory started to come up. Victoria was standing over my body with my blood staining her lips. She had a devilish grin of triumph on her...
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posted by Majorelle
Some songs that I think sum up Jacob and Bella's relationship!

1. Better Than Me - NLT
2. My Immortal (Band Version) - Evanescence
3. Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
4. Underneath This Smile - Hilary Duff
5. In My Head - Jason Derulo
6. That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber
7. Another 당신 - Cascada
8. Play With 불, 화재 - Hilary Duff
9. Burned - Hilary Duff
10. Crushcrushcrush - Paramore
11. Again - Flyleaf
12. Broken - Travis Garland
13. When 당신 Learn How to 사랑 - Travis Garland
14. Lithium - Evanescence
15. Where Did I Go Right - Hilary Duff
16. Dangerous To Know - Hilary Duff
17. Out From Under - Joanna Pacitti
18. New Divide - Linkin Park
19. 사랑 Struck - V Factory
20. For 당신 - V Factory
21. I Choose 당신 - NLT
22. Stay With Me - Danity Kane
23. Fall For 당신 - Secondhand Serenade
24. What Hurts the Most - Cascada

Tell me what 당신 think(:
posted by KatiiCullen94
I've known who ive been becoming my whole life, and my whole life, ive been in 사랑 with her. I think shes the one, my imprinted parnter, she has to be, everythigs there and waitting, shes perfect.
Bella, is my one. My soulmate, only time will secure her as mine forever. She not loves of me. BUt im not afraid 또는 hurt 의해 that, because it will change because of the magic growing in me. There will be no denying it on her behalf once ive been throught the phase that waits unexpectedly. She holds my hands and calls her best friend, but the see the 더 많이 in her eyes. Im sort of beautiful to her, but...
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Jacob's POV
Where was Bella? I waited for her at her house but she never showed up. Charlie wasn't 집 but Bella almost never went anywhere with Charlie. I kept knocking on the door until I found the door open.

Carefully, I went inside. Not a single human scent in the air. I checked everywhere, but not a single human anywhere. The I noticed the note left on the 'fridge.

My anger started to boil inside of me but I tried to calm myself. Once I calmed down, I smelled a vampire. As I turned around, I saw that Edward was standing in the living room.

"Where is she?" he asked in a furious voice.

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"OOF!!!" I grunted as Victoria choked me up on a tree. She then started to slam me on the ground continuously and then threw me across the mountain as if I were a rag doll. Then I was rolling down the mountain as if to make a desperate escape from Victoria's grasp which was clearly impossible as she stopped me and started to get a crazed look in her eyes as she spoke.

"Now your boyfriend will feel the same way I felt when James was killed 의해 your now-to-be single boyfriend, Edward!!" Victoria screamed as her eyes widened with blood red eyes and her mouth was gaping open with sharp,...
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 La Push 바닷가, 비치
La Push Beach
PLease 코멘트 and tell me what 당신 think. -Twilimpian =)

    Jacob and I were walking down the 바닷가, 비치 in La Push. There wasn't much to see in Forks so he suggested I see La Push. The air was filled with the scent of salt water. It was a beautiful 바닷가, 비치 and the peace of walking down it had gotten to me. Suddenly I was happy I'd moved here, if not 또는 the beach, because I'd met Jacob. Jacob was very easy to talk to he loved to make jokes and fool around and at the same time he was intense and thoughtful. “So how old are you......
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 백조 House
Swan House
Please 코멘트 and tell me what 당신 think. -Twilimpain =)

“ I'm going to miss you”. My mother told me before I boarded the plane to Washington State. Two months 이전 I had agreed to 옮기기 to Forks to live with my father Charlie, to give my mother and her husband Phil some space. I hadn't seen Charlie in forever. When I was little I used to visit him every summer but that stopped around when I was 13. I still kept in contact with him though.

My Father picked me up from the airport. Oh, and did I forget to mention it was in his police cruiser....
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As I was falling in the darkness, 이미지 started to appear 의해 my face. They were 이미지 of all the times me and Jacob had spent together when Edward was gone and how happy I felt. I knew that without him I would be nothing but also without Edward it would be the same. Then I slammed onto the ground with a loud thud and snapped awake. Apparently it was all a dream. i never made that call to Jacob and I never was waiting for Edward. I saw the pale sun barely peeking out from behind the mountains and then I knew what I had to do.

When I started hiking up the mountain, I took one last...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
OK recape, Jacob wants to 키스 her)

I stumbled to gather what he just said. I just said what felt right, and quiet frankly what i felt like.
"Yes," i murmed. I sensed his body come closer, His hand traced along my arm to my shoulder then my collarbone to my cheek.
His hands were so warm, soothing. i felt his breath on my lips, warming them, but intoxcating. A moment 이전 i had pressumed that he was going to be the one to lean in, but now, i was the one with the loaded gun, ready to fire.
I had planned for our first 키스 to be shy and nervous, like kids, but our cold state and feelings sent us,...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Hey, dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see jacob after school, do 당신 think 당신 can organise your own dinner?," i asked when in my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school again.
I hope that charlie understand that when i said organise, i mean order 피자 not cook, i want to come 집 to a house, not ash.
"Ok Bells, One cheese 피자 should be enough" he snickered. Charlie had been given days off from work lately, for his back. He fell while taking out the trash. It was then when i realised that my clunsiness was in fact gene related.
i scuffed over to his side, struggling to get on...
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posted by KatiiCullen94

I never planned to say goodbye to my mother, forlike ever. I always thought i'd live with her forever.
But now that im standing in her embrace at the Arizona airport , that statement could mean nothing 더 많이 then me actaully gettting tp my fathers.
My father charlie lives in Forks, where he still lives in the very house that his marriage between him and my mother failed, and where i was born.
I'd had to turn to my father after living with my mother had become difficult.

Charlie picked me up in his police cruisier, i never...
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