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The days are long on the very tip of the narrow stiletto heel of the Italian Boot. Dictated 의해 sweltering temperatures decided at the whim of vengeful gods, the soporific residents of the small town of Poggiardo lazily go about their daily business blasted 의해 the scorching sun, whilst slaves to the temperamental breeze of the Salento Peninsula.

The surrounding deserts of cinders and cacti have been ravaged 의해 epic histories of war while the rugged coves of the peninsula are dotted with ruined watchtowers, sentinels from a time of conquests and infidels. The endless groves of 올리브 trees are...
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Source: me :) I made them!!
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Here's a list of 색깔 - ecco una lista di colori

Red - Rosso

Blue - Blu

Brown - Marrone

Yellow - Giallo

Green - Verde

주황색, 오렌지 - Arancione

Black - Nero

White - Bianco

Gold - Dorato

Silver - Argento

Gray - Grigio

Tan - Abbronzatura

Purple - Viola

담홍색, 핑크 - Rosa

Copper - Rame

레몬 Yellow - Limone Giallo

Sea Green - Mare Verde

Blue-Gray -Blu-Grigio

Scarlet - Scarlatto

Sepia - Nero di seppia

Sky Blue - Cielo Blu

복숭아 - Pesca

Lavender - Lavanda

Baby Blue -Bambina Blu

Mauve - Malva
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