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I think that Irish wolfounds are the cutest 개 ever! They are really low maintenance and are the most adorable 개 ever... except for Greyhounds and Scottish Deerhounds. Scottih Deerhounds are just like Irish Wolfhounds only they are a couple of centimetres smaller. The story of the Irish 이리 사냥 용 큰 개, 울프 하운드, 울프 is quite interesting. There were very few Irish Wolfhounds left and there was lots of Scottish Deerhounds. To save both breeds of dogs, they bred both types together to save the Irish Wolfhound. It is still called the Irish Wolfhound, but if 당신 look at the picture of an Irish Wolfound from about 200 years ago,it would look very different to the ones today.
Either way they are still cute!