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Okay, sooo I decided 2 make anoter 기사 cuz I found that my 1st 1 helped !! :)

This is an 기사 on what 2 do if the apps on ur iPod touch wont open.

1st what u need 2 do is download an app, any app. Wait 4 it 2 load and install, then open that app. If its working, the other apps will automatically start 2 work also.

If u dont like the app that u downloaded, just 삭제 it and the other apps will still work.

Unfortunatley, iPod Touch's have this problem and it will most likely happen 2 u if u have an iPod Touch.

The 조언 I gave should always work, it always works 4 me. Sorry if it doesnt work. If it doesnt, just 검색 up something on Google.

Lemme know how this turns out :P
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SWF to FLV Converter, it consisted...
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The first introduction of the 아이팟
사과, 애플
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