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This is my first review. And I wanted it to be about the one thing that has changed my social life. The iphone5.
The iPhone 5 is the perfect gift for anyone. It may be expensive but it is the best!
I got my iphone5 on October 9th 2012. Check my 프로필 and see why that was a special 일 for me!
The iphone 5 can take a picture all around 당신 in one. 당신 have a bit 더 많이 HD and 당신 have a pass!
The pass is used to get 당신 movie tickets, plane tickets, and more! Maybe even any other ticket 당신 can think of!

Many people say "The Iphone5 is no 더 많이 different from the iPhone 4" (mother) well to me it...
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