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posted by commodityman
All trading is not created equal. There is a trading where the client is at 더 많이 inherent risk than other types of trading. As we, at link have insisted to learn everything 당신 can about this, and any type of business, your chance of success increases dramatically.

When I was first in this business I didn't even know what a medium term note was let alone knowing if I had a real program 또는 not. Then comes other instruments to learn about, like Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, Currency trading, all the 빠른, 스위프트 Messages (MT-760, MT-799), and the list can go on and on. With the advent...
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Aleksey sent an 11 page resume to investment banks applying for a job and also linked to a copy of this video. Why he thought a video of him weight-lifting and karate chopping bricks would help him is beyond me.