Her 심장 had hurt so, like a poisoned chain had wrapped around it and was constricting, tearing, practically begging for pain. She looks at her reincarnation's eyes, those innocent, life-filled eyes, that accuse and pity her simultaneously. Eyes that say I'm sorry, eyes that say I understand your pain, eyes that say Why are 당신 still here? It's my time now. You've had your chance. Eyes that say rest in peace. I'll take care of him.

Kikyou wants to cry, wants to laugh, for she wants him, needs him, yet she can't 곰 to keep him with her. She knows that they would've been happy together.

But she knows if he goes with her, he'll be happier. And who is she to begrudge him that?

After all, who would choose cold clay and false life over warm flesh and genuine existence?

Once upon a time there was a boy named InuYasha and a girl named Kikyou, and a world of 사랑 between them.

Now, there is only a 도자기 doll and a half-demon, both disoriented and heartbroken and shattered.

No 더 많이 fairytale. Only reality.

Only hell.

But she still loves him with all her heart. Being reborn hasn't changed that. Facing her reincarnation hasn't changed that. Trading her flesh for stone hasn't altered the passion that still burns in her soul, forever flaming and never relenting. Her soul is her own.

Whether she was from the past 또는 the present, she was a woman in love. He was her first, her last, her everything. She could begrudge him nothing. She could give him everything.

If that meant her pain, so be it.

She can feel the chains loosening, spiraling to the ground, as finally, she is free. And for the first time in a long, long time, Kikyou smiles from her heart.