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posted by IngridPresley
Tray “Big Daddy” Benham
Brandenburg, KY
Owner/Artist at Big Daddy’s Tattoo (
Twitter: @TrayBenham
20 years experience

With southern charm and the gift of gab, “Big Daddy” Tray is an outgoing tattoo artist from the small town of Brandenburg, KY and he’s not afraid to say what is on his mind. Tray prides himself on super clean lines, smooth shading and extensive use of color. Tray is the owner of two Big Daddy’s Tattoo shops in Kentucky. His fresh and new style of tattooing was like nothing ever seen before in his 집 state and he has helped to inspire a new...
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posted by IngridPresley
David 벨 - Fredericksburg, VA
20 years experience
Owner/ Artist at TLA 문신 ( in Fredericksburg, VA
Twitter: @davidbelltattoo

David 벨 has been tattooing for 더 많이 than 20 years and is widely known on the convention circuit. A confident artist, 벨 got his start apprenticing at a studio in Arizona and moved around to shops in California, Washington and Nevada perfecting his tattoo abilities. Two years 이전 he brought his West Coast tattoo style and his 사랑 of black and gray work to the East Coast when he set up his own 샵 TLA 문신 in Virginia. 벨 believes he had...
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posted by IngridPresley
E.S. – Bridgeport, CT
16 years experience
Artist at Forever Custom 문신 (

Originally a graffiti muralist, E.S. credits this form of 거리 art for teaching him how to direct his creative talents and how to stay in control of almost any situation. Although he is based out of Forever Custom Tattoos, E.S. likes to take his talent on the road as he travels up and down the East Coast to tattoo clients. He takes extreme pride in all of his original work and prefers his custom pieces over traditional styles which he feels are too easy and non challenging. E.S. is predominantly...
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posted by IngridPresley
Al Fliction

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Al Fliction has been an artist his entire life. Fliction was an integral part of the graffiti movement in NYC that saw urban youth leaving their artistic imprint all over the Big Apple’s subways and landscapes. Now an entrepreneur in the exploding urban tattoo market, Fliction owns and operates two boutiques, hosts tattoo parties in his custom-made RV, and co-founded the first and only urban tattoo convention in the world.
Twitter: @Al_Fliction

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller learned the art of tattooing while stationed in...
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posted by IngridPresley
Brooklyn, NY
Owner/Artist, Puncture Tattoo Studio
Twitter: @Angel_Bauta
18 years’ experience
Rivals Match-up: “The Brooklyn Boys,” versus Cris Element

Angel is an artist and entrepreneur who focuses on many styles of color and grey wash tattoos. He believes that not specializing in one specific style distinguishes him as a well-rounded tattooist. This season, 앤젤 finds a rival in Cris Element, the Brooklyn artist who once worked for him before quitting unexpectedly. While Element thinks he has surpassed the skills of his former mentor, 앤젤 is furious at the lack of respect shown by...
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