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 Sebastien Izambard - Il Divo And Joe Mcelderry
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This Il Divo 사진 might contain 긴 바지, pantleg, 팬트 레그, 신사복, and 비즈니스 정장.

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Il Divo: 사랑 Songs Inspired 의해 the Film Andalucía


1. Time To Say Goodbye
2. 당신 Raise Me Up
3. Hero
4. Mama
5. Nella Fantasia
6. Dentro Un Altro Si
7. Without you
8. Ti Amero
9. Adagio
10. Have 당신 Ever Really Loved A Woman
11. La Vida Sin Amor
12. Every Time I Look At You

Japanese original greatest hits album release from Il Divo including songs "Time to Say Goodbye," "Unbreak My Heart," and more. Limited edition available only until 6 월 from its release 날짜 (subject to change).

Here is the web page: link
Hello to all of you. It has been a very long time since I have had the time to write you, for which I appologize.
I am currently very happy because we are working on a new album which will hopefully be released very soon. We all hope 당신 enjoy this new work as much as the 이전 ones.

I have an official and personal announcement to make. As 당신 are probably already aware off, Kim Sharma and I are no longer together anymore and it has been officially announced today in the Indian newspapers. One thing the newspapers did not mention is that Kim Sharma has already married a multimillioner from...
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