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Opinion by LionaChoco posted over a year ago
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I have no idea why people hate them
I was always wandering why Hyenas in the Lion King were meant to be not as smart as lions. I was thinking the reason is they`re the sidekicks of the villain, and sidekiks aren`t usually very intelligent.
But I think Hyenas are underrated. Some people hate them and I don`t understand those people. The 동물 I don`t like so much in The Lion King are... lions.
I know it may sound strange, but my least favourite lions are Mufasa and... Simba. (and 의해 the way, my favourite Lion is Scar). I also think Hyenas were meant to be ugly 또는 at least uglier than lions, and that is the 초 thing I don`t understand at all. Real Hyenas are beatiful, 더 많이 beatiful than lions, and I`ve also heard they`re smarter than lions! This isn`t a surprise for me, but I don`tk know why in the movie they were less smart than lions.
Oh, and the third thing which is strange for me: like in the movie, real Hyenas are scavengers. But they also hunt a lot, so I have no idea why in the movie they weren`t hunting. And 의해 the way, in the movie 당신 can see that mainly lions hunt: and to be honest that`s not true, because only lionesses hunt. Anyway, that`s the end of my article. Maybe 당신 think...