I was lying in 침대 choking back another scream of pain from the horrific contraction. I was defiantly grateful that Patch couldn’t feel my touch.
If I had been clenching a humans hand they would have passed out from the sever amount of pain from my grabby hands the very first time.
Patch held still every time I grabbed for his hand. He just waited, being the perfect 앤젤 he was.
I heard someone run into the hospital room, in the middle of my contraction. My eyes were clenched shut; I wasn’t able to see who it was.
“This is so exciting, I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t wait to see it,” it was Vee. I wasn’t exactly as chipper as she was. In fact I was wondering why I had let Patch talk me into having this baby. Vee kept chirping away about how excited she was.
“Vee,” I heard Patch whisper. Vee stopped jumping up and down and yammering. “What?” Her voice turned sour.
“SHUT. UP!” I yelled emphasizing the two words.
I still hadn’t opened my eyes but I could feel the displeasement exploding off her. I didn’t really care, the pain was too much to handle.
Even though the pain was subsiding I still was aggravated, I was exhausted, hungry, and just plain worn out, which made dealing with the contractions a pain in the ass.
My eyes were still shut, lighter now.
Another pair of gentle foot steps walked into the room. I opened my eyes to see the nurse walking up to me. I let my head drop to the 베개 and looked over at her. “Can I get some drugs, please?” I begged.
She gave me a look of forgiveness. She turned her entire body to face Patch and I. “I’m sorry but it’s too late, in fact it’s time to deliver this baby.” I looked at her in shock. Already I had been in the hospital for all of an hour. “You should have arrived early then 당신 did.” She looked truly apologetic.
See, Patch said silently. I shot him a look of daggers that would have even killed him.
Right then running foot steps entered the hospital room. “Sweet 심장 I’m so sorry I’m late.” I looked at her just glad that she had made it.
The nurse walked over to my mother. “You are?” “Her mother.” The nurse nodded her head and headed for the door. “The doctor will be right with you.”
I was still clenching Patches hand for dear life. “How’s your hand?” she asked staring at Patch’s hand in my grip. I instantly let go. “A little numb.” He shook his hand 연기 as if it was.
My mother put her hand on my forehead pushing the few strands of hair out of my face. She picked up a damp cold face cloth dabbing it on my face. “How are 당신 holding up sweet heart?” I shot her a are-you-kidding-me look. “You went threw it, how do 당신 think?” I asked snippy.
“She’s a little cranky.” Patch said. “I don’t blame her; I know exactly how it feels.” Vee walked closer to the bed, cautiously. “Patch she not a little cranky, she a lot cranky.” I didn’t even look over at her. “Just wait Vee, I’ll be doing the same thing to 당신 when it’s your time, and then you’ll understand.” She rolled her eyes and sat in a chair behind Patch.
“Hello Nora.” The doctor walked in, “Are 당신 ready?”
“I’ll be out in the waiting room.” Vee said and scooted out the door.
I took a deep breath, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”
The doctor grabbed a chair and wheeled in front of me. At that 초 the 다음 contraction hit. “Okay Nora give me one big push.” Patch slipped his hand in my, I clasped it, shut my eyes and pushed.
“Nora, honey stop for second.” I stopped pushing and opened my eyes.
The contraction was still poring pain into my body. All three of us were staring at the doctor. “What’s wrong?” mom asked. “Okay let’s try this again, give me a big push.” I repeated the steps. “Okay stop.” He repeated flatly.
“Doctor?” I asked panicking. “Doctor?” he held up his pointer finger telling me to wait. I would have kicked him in the head with my foot only being a little way from his over sized head.
“Nurse,” He yelled. “Yes?” “Get ready for a C-section.” She nodded and ran out the door.
I looked back and forth between Patch and my mother. “What the hell is wrong?” The tone in my voice becoming violent.
Patch stood up pissed that the Doctor wasn’t answer the 질문 the three of use wanted to know.
“Every time 당신 push the 심장 beat of the baby slows down, everything’s going to be okay but if 당신 continue pushing there’s a high risk that the baby may not make it, 또는 you.” I nodded fast agreeing that a C-section was best.
“Only one of 당신 can go in, I’m sorry.” The doctor looked back and forth at Patch and my mother. “Its okay doctor, I’ll be going in.” My mother answering before I had the chance to say anything.
Patch and I looked at each other. “Mom, no, Patch is.” She looked at me upset. “He’s the father, he has the right to be there when this baby is born.”
She bent down closer to me. “Honey I know 당신 think 당신 사랑 Patch,” she looked up at him when she said his name. “But he’s not going to stick around once he realizes how hard it is to take care of a baby.”
Patch stood up offended, and he had the right to that as well. “I’ve been right 다음 to Nora for harder things, and I know 당신 don’t believe me but when I say that I 사랑 your daughter I mean it.” mom stood up tall surprised. Patch had never stood up for him self when it came to my mother.
“And I do 사랑 him mom.” She looked at me and back and Patch, she kissed my forehead and smiled as the nurses came in to wheel me down the hall.
Once we had gotten into the room they had numbed my stomach while Patch put on a blue papered outfit. They had given him a chair to sit in right 다음 to my head as I laid down. “You look sexy.” I said smiling. He smiled back making my world melt.
Patch was holding my hand. This was the first time I held his hand just for the comfort of things and not because of the pain.
I heard the muffling of the doctor talking to the nurses but couldn’t make out any of the words. I was to transfix on Patches eyes; which was probably a good thing.
당신 know I won’t let anything ever happen to 당신 또는 our baby, right? Asking silently, I nodded.
Then I heard an ear piercing scream. Patch and I looked up at the same time to see the doctor hold up our baby. “It’s a girl.” He said muffled in his mask.
A salty tear rolled down my cheek as I looked back over at Patch. He watched the doctor hand her off to a nurse and clean her up. Once he sat down and looked at me I said, “You’re a daddy.” Tears now poring out my eyes, he smiled and kissed me. “You’re a mommy.” He smiled at me. I could swear I saw tears swelling up in his eyes, but he looked away to face for me to get a chance to get a good look.
I was starting to drift off to sleep while they were cleaning the baby off and sowing me back up. The last thing I remember was watching Patch stand back up and hearing the cry of our baby girl soften.