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Well hello there!! This is Hunter's older brother Jeydon, yes I am him I don't really care what 당신 think! If your wondering why the weird 프로필 page, this account belonged to my friend, she was going to 삭제 it but I told my friend that I wanted it! So my friend gave me it, I dont have this website on any of my other websites because this is the only website that I'm not afraid to read my messages 또는 talk to people!
Anywho back to my point!!! Hunter is my 10 년 old brother, his 가장 좋아하는 color is green! He's in 사랑 with Ke$ha, Your 사랑 i$ My Drug is his favourite song. His favourite 음식 is hot dogs<3 om nom nom!!! He's addicted to Mcflurries!! He hates cheaters abusers and liars! He's really easy to get along with. He's a very funny, awesome, cool, energetic guy!!