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posted by huddyforever
Sorry for the slight delay. I'm just having a bit of trouble laying the whole thing out in my head. But I think I got it now and things should run pretty smoothly so I hope 당신 enjoy(:

Chapter 3

Lisa quickly put the reminiscent clothes on and gave herself a quick look over in the mirror. Her hair was damp and her clothes were haunting but she just shrugged and left the bathroom. Her head was still killing her and the pills were downstairs so that’s where she headed.

She 빙어, 빙 어 something heavenly and knew Hugh had ordered in. When she walked into the 부엌, 주방 there was 2 plates of 음식 at the...
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Ok, for the 다음 part of this "they" make fun of some of the other celebrities. I have nothing personally against any of the people mentioned, it's just part of the story.
Hope 당신 enjoy!

The seating coordinator escorted Lisa up to the front. She was careful to lift her dress so she didn’t trip and make a mockery of herself. Hugh waited and watched as she walked up.
“What were 당신 thinking trying to sit back there with everyone else?” he spoke low.
“Well, I thought that 당신 were the only one sitting up here.”
“Good god no, how on earth would I make it through the boredom” and he gave...
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posted by huddyislove

Guys.. I've been so sick this days.. And I have absolutely no will to write.... And besides.. There's so many Huli FF here, I think I bored 당신 to death :P
Anyway.. I decided I'll shrink my fic, because I don't want to be a pain in the 나귀, 엉덩이 anymore....
You're getting two 더 많이 chapters after this one, and that's it...
I hope 당신 enjoyed 읽기 it, as much as 당신 could, anyway.
Love 당신 all

Chapter 23:

A week later

“Hey there little one” Hugh smiled at the baby girl he was holding. He couldn't believe that he was there. That he had had the courage to come 집 and be with his family. He...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N okay this is my first huli fic so yea be kind pleeezzee!!!XD umm this is just made up on the spot so please tell me what 당신, review and rate....

Lisa Edelstein sat in her dressing room on the set of House MD. She was 읽기 a magazine, spreading rumors of her and co-star, Hugh Laurie's, apparent affairs. These 기사 were the kind that pissed her off. Sure, she and Hugh were 프렌즈 so they were bound to be caught out doing stuff together; but the fact that Hugh was married and Lisa knew better than to interfere with other peoples personal lives was just frustrating.
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