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posted by migle
Hy Huddy 팬 it's my 기사 about House's holidays, how he spend his 크리스마스 and New year, with some Huddy, but not fro the start, so Huddy 팬 may skip few parts till third chapter

House were sitting on his 침상, 소파 in his apartment with bottle of Vicky watching some kind stupid TV-show. It was late 시간 and he expected to spend his evening alone, doing nothing. But when he was about to finish drinking half of bottle, he heard loud knocking at his door. House were already quite drunk so it made quite difficult to climb to the door. before opening he tried to shout something, but alcohol...
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posted by tammyr50
This was on Twitter. Thought it was funny and right on. Maya is the name of the young woman who came up with this.

Couple Counseling – House, 7×06 “Office Politics”
Cuddy alone in session.


Cuddy : House was right, it’s not gonna work.

Maya: Why are 당신 saying this? What happened?

Cuddy: He lied to me.

Maya: About what?

C: Why do 당신 care? A lie’s a lie.

M: Yes… and no. Some lies are meant to hurt, some are meant to protect. There’re all sorts of lies… So which was it?

C: He faked a blood test to get my approval on a risky procedure.

M: How did 당신 find out?...
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posted by HLforever
Helloooo fellow Huddyholics! So...the premiere. Need I say 더 많이 about it? It was simply a dream come true. I have to say, though, I've only been waiting for this all summer. A lot of other people have been waiting for it for 7 years, so I have to tell those people: wow, 당신 guys are amazing. I really do respect 당신 for that, and your dedicatedness makes me feel very inferior...

Anyways, no surprise, I'm rambling again. The reason I decided to write this 기사 is because I really need to just get my thoughts on the premiere out somewhere. So, here I am, watching the episode for the third time,...
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