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A/N: Short, I know, but 더 많이 is to come. Don’t worry!

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 5: Pondering

    After watching Dr. House stumble off to the elevators, many thoughts went through Condon’s mind. The first of which being,‘What an awfully strange man that doctor is.’ Not only does he wield a cane from some sort of unexplained ailment, but he was willing to walk away from a police questioning because something was wrong with his patient. That took a fair bit of nerve. What also struck him as odd was the matter of Dr. House’s cane. Why is it that Dr. House just so happened...
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posted by amberRocks
Hi!After watching the whole season 4 I would like to give an opinion about it.
This season started out really funny with the Games arc and the new characters.It was like a intelligent reallity parody and I liked it.I liked all the new characterrs especially amber,but 당신 all know that(I am amberRocks after all!).And at the end of the Games arc amber left and althought she was still my favourite character I was ok with that.
Untill the 초 half of season 4 came and she came back and I squeed!I liked her and wilson,I liked the new team,I liked seeing house out of his freaking mind!The things...
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posted by Irene3691
In his home, House phones Wilson and they start preparing everything. Wilson starts phoning some workmates and so does House. After that he goes to her 집 and knocks the door. She opens it. ‘I think I should give 당신 this back...’ He comes in and Lisa gives him the key.
‘Thanks...’ He puts it in his pocket. ‘What are 당신 cooking? It smells delicious!!’
‘Some 쿠스쿠스, 쿠 스 쿠 스 and mixed vegetables, but if 당신 want I can cook a 스테이크 for you.’
‘No, it will be fine... it smells really tasty!!’
‘Thank you.’ She smiles at him. ‘Can 당신 set the table?’
‘Yep...’ He leaves his coat...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

Full Episode Recap

A young kindergarten teacher named Rebecca passes out in front of her class after talking gibberish. After she collapses she begins having convulsions. At the hospital, Dr. James Wilson describes the case to Dr. House, a doctor with an excellent reputation but is known for keeping a distance from his patients. Dr. Wilson explains that Rebecca's mental status is deteriorating quickly. House agrees to take the case. His team consists of three young intelligent doctors: Allison Cameron, Robert Chase, and Eric Foreman.

Later, Dr. Cameron and Dr....
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posted by Huddyaddict12
Smile (A Huddy Poem)

Here I am,
So close, but so far from you.
In the cold I am standing,
Outside your stone brick 벽
I cannot break through.

So I just stand there foolishly,
Peering through your window.
Loosing myself in your deep blue eyes,
My eyes fixed on your broken smile,
당신 are simply all I desire.

The pain inside floods me,
I am drowning in my misery.
But when I see your face, it all seems to fade,
And when I taste your red lips,
My 심장 skips a beat
As the rest of me goes numb.

The 사랑 I feel for 당신 is real
But so are fears of hurting you.
So all emotions are pushed aside,
Right 다음 to all the tears I’ve cried.

In this life of wrong I live,
당신 remain the one thing I got right,
The only one I let inside.
Now heartache and hate has filled its place,
And I never want your smile
To fall from your face.

*Inspired 의해 the episode The Itch*
posted by rosehustle1
House sat in the darkness of his bedroom thinking over the turn of events that had recently occurred within his life. Cameron had left. Cuddy was with Lucas. He didn't know how to feel anymore. After all the positive strides he had made he still was no closer to having a different life. As he pondered his situation he looked around his bedroom and took in the pictures of Wilson and Amber gleefully smiling. He enjoyed being roommates with his best bud, but he knew it was time to go home...no matter how nervous he was about falling back in to his old patterns.
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posted by cudambercam13
---House sat at his desk. He twirrled his cane, bored. He was so bored he was almost tempted to do his clinic duty. Almost. Instead, he went to Wilson's office. He wanted to talk to someone. Wilson was the only one he could.
---House just entered the office when he realized Wilson was at a meeting in Philadelphia. He punched down on Wilson's 책상, 데스크 in frustration. He heard something in the 책상, 데스크 clap open. He opened the bottom 책상, 데스크 drawer and found a small secret compartment. It was open. House reached in the compartment and pulled out a small box. In the box, a sparkling diamond ring looked up...
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posted by livethislifeup
With half the jug of 버번, 부르봉 왕가 gone, a child fast asleep on the couch, and Cuddy sitting on the floor, this morning had lapsed into a lazy silence between them. The storm was worsening as the dark clouds gathered together.
With the hospital machines on back up generators, trying to keep the patients in stable conditions no matter what they had, things were going roughly well. The only problem at the moment was evacuating everyone to lower parts of the building. With all the patients in stairwells, some labs in the basement, lower level bathrooms and just the windowless rooms, nearly everyone had...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N ok im in a good head 우주 at the moment so here's part 19...listening to 'dear my friend' 의해 miyavi and 'dead school screaming' 의해 alice nine does some good things to your head...read review and rate...if 당신 did look at my fanart i hope 당신 liked it...its not the best work i've done...oh...umm the reason why their names keep changing from greg and lisa to cuddy and house is coz of the way the characters are feeling..so when they're at work its automatically last names and when its really fluffy it becomes first names....

The phone rang 다음 to Greg's head on the bedside table. He mumbled...
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posted by huddy_aimee
umm here's part 15...its really quick so i doubt its any good...read, review and rate like always!!

They returned to the yacht and settled in for 버터 chicken infront of a DVD. Greg got a glass of wine for Lisa and got a glass of scotch for himself before sunggling up on the 침상, 소파 together.
"You know," Lisa started.
"Hmm," Greg replied.
"I've enjoyed this trip,"
"Me too," he said with a smirk stretched across his face.
"What?! 당신 enjoyed it only for the sex?"
"And 당신 didn't?"
"No, the sex was good, GREAT even, but I also enjoyed it because we bonded in a way in which we haven't for nearly 20 years...
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posted by huddysmacked
So guys sorry I was in exams (I still am but they’re getting easier) and well today I was absent to school so I thought I would write the 다음 chap. I hope 당신 like it and leave a review they always make me smile =) Reviews are love! I have to admit this isn’t the best chap but well when the S person is here it’s gonna be 더 많이 interesting since Cuddy will be jealous…

“Wilson this is the psych. The psych this is Wilson” Wilson stared up and down House as he pointed him with his cane. The Psych stood in the door, 읽기 the thoughts coming from Wilson and from House. She could see...
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posted by peoplesuck
Here's the 다음 part of part II. As always please comment. =D

“Everything’s normal except the amount of hemorrhaging,” Dr. Hanson said confused, “We’ll keep close watch over 당신 and give 당신 a transfusion. I’ll be back in about a half 시간 to check on you.”
“There are few people who hemorrhage this much during child birth,” Sarah said as soon as Dr. Hanson was out of ear shot.
“Can 당신 save your obsessive over-analysis for a time when I am not in labor,” Cuddy replied through gritted teeth.
“I’m distracting you.”
“Couldn’t 당신 find a different, less annoying method...
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posted by campluv98
This is a poem i wrote with Huddy as the main focous behind it.It's from Cuddy's POV.sorry if its confusing in any way.& on that note pls read and review/comment it.:)critism is welcome just dont be too harsh.i do like this poem:)

Circus Hearts

It’s all just “Show and Tell”.
It’s all just for pretend.
It’s never for real.
I play and replay this origami in my head lying in my bead.
But since I fail the 나비 of black and blue flutters away. As it does, it glances at you.
You’re playing type rope with my heartstrings. Not so secretly I hope 당신 fall.
You’ll leave the net bent,...
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posted by EverybodyLies
Disclaimer: This will not be an attack on Hilson 또는 Hameron. Though I don't ship them, I do respect those who do, and I won't try to change your opinion. :]

House/Cuddy is a constantly changing, complicated ship. And yet it is one of the simplest ones on the show. They are always either arguing over one thing 또는 another, whether it be a diagnosis 또는 (hehe) cable in Coma Guy's room. Honestly, I've never seen one consoling word between them, except for in Half-Wit:
"House, I'm so sorry."
"Forgot I was dying, huh?"
"I'm here, if 당신 need me."
"I need...
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posted by Irene3691
다음 morning she wakes up early, has her 샤워 and breakfast and sends a message to Lucas to go to have 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 with him tonight. She waits until House gets to her home. He is there on time and when Cuddy goes out, he gives her the helmet. ‘Hey...’
‘Thanks for coming...’ Says Lisa.
‘It's nothing...’
About twenty 분 later they get to the hospital. ‘Thanks again.’ Says her giving him the helmet. He nods.
‘You want me to take 당신 later to my home? I mean... so 당신 can call someone to fix your car...’
‘If it's not too much trouble...’
‘It's okay... come to my office when...
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posted by somuchfordepth

This isn't that interesting really, it just made me smile today.

I'm a 팬 of 13. 더 많이 on that later though.

I work in the security industry (malware, viruses, all that jazz).

I bet you're all familiar with spam emails, right?

Now we have this 'saying' in the industry that 당신 ain't someone just yet until you're used for spam.

What's funny is that OW made her spam debut earlier this year: link

see Figure 2. LOL.

I've been thinking of sharing this to her through Twitter, but since she's not following me *sob* i can't send it as a direct message. I can't just address it to her cause then all my other followers (officemates mostly) will know that I am happy about spam, which is not so good in my line for work. :p

So there. I hope I didn't bore anyone with this. I know most of 당신 are younger than me and not really interested with work stuff, but it was just too fun to not share, at least for me. :)
Here's the last part to the mini series... :) ENJOY!!!

I returned to work after a week of 집 recovery, as did House. BUt his week off was spent at my house looking after me. I didn't want to use my office, for fear of the memories that would bubble up, so I asked Wilson if I could use his, he said no because he had mountains of work, I asked House, who, unlike Wilson, had said yes!
Over 4 weeks House and my relationship escalated. He had offered to take me out as soon as my casts had come of.
'SHIT! THAT'S TONIGHT!' I thought to myself.
I was extatic, but, I needed a dress and I looked a...
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So here is Chapter 4 I know its short I’m sorry I just really couldn’t get in the groove and honestly I really don’t like it.. I actually rewrote it 5 different times and it still hasn’t come out the way I really wanted it to, so I’m sorry if it sucks and thanks for reading! =) O and I’ve grown to 사랑 5x24 because we saw the feeling House has for Cuddy =) and that made me happy! Moving on here is chapter 4


As House walked down the hall he continued to hear the whimpers and laughter...
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posted by TVMind
This is a short chapter, working on chapter three.

Cameron had dismissed the nurse after she had finished suturing all of Ace’s wounds. She felt like she should be the one to finish cleaning Emrys off. Even though the young woman hadn’t been working at the hospital long, Cameron had formed a kind of bond with her. She almost felt like a big sister figure to Ace, at least she had. Cameron felt like not only had the hospital just 로스트 a great doctor, but that a lot of the staff here had just 로스트 a great person and friend.

As Cameron took one of Emrys’ arms to wipe it down, Emrys’ chest...
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posted by CRAz
저기요 I'm CraZ, I just became a member, although my friend made me this account without my knowledge. :)
Anywho, I've been experimenting, adding 비디오 and pictures, talking in the forums. I really enjoy being on this website and it's addictive.xD

I'M so happy that the House MD spot 팬 are so dedicated, I 사랑 House.
I Just wanted to say how nice everyone is and how friendly I've been treated. I feel very welcomed and I just hope 당신 all know that someone appreciates it. :P happy holidays!