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John was killed 의해 the security and House was fighting between life and death exactly that afternoon because of the bullet hitting his 심장 valves. Chase already told Cuddy that anytime soon he could leave them behind. Wilson, Foreman, Taub, Cameron and Thirteen grieved over the news and stayed in House’s room. All of them were shedding tears as House managed to hold Cuddy’s hand.
Cuddy: 당신 can make it, Greg… 당신 will…
House: <shakey voice> I… don’t… think… so…
Cuddy: <sobs some 더 많이 as she tightly hold his hands> No, don’t say that… You’ll get out of this… We’ll get married… Don’t diagnose yourself with death, 당신 idiot.
House: <managed to smile> We… all have… our… limitations… our ends…
Cuddy: I want and I need 당신 to live… <sobs> A part of 당신 is breathing in me…
House: <tried to look at her> Take care… of that… baby… it’s the… only thing… I will be… leaving you… Just tell him… that his dad… always… 사랑 him… so much…
Cuddy: You’ll be the one who’ll be telling that to him, so don’t give up. <sobs>
House: <shook his head> I… love… you…
Cuddy: I know and so do I...
의해 this time Cuddy managed to smile. His team walked to House’s side and tried to speak up everything they wanted to say.
Cameron: I have always 사랑 you, House…
House: I… always… knew…
Cameron smiled but tears were falling. House still managed to tell Wilson to take care of Cuddy and the upcoming baby. In that way, he said, he’ll be at peace. The team was given to Foreman to handle. Thirty 분 later, Cuddy was with Wilson looking at House. Both of their eyes were red and both tried to hide their pain to give House strength to fight for his life. Unfortunately, House’s 심장 rate beeped and no 더 많이 심장 waves were shown in the monitor. Cuddy stood up as Wilson did the same.
Wilson: TOD 6:24 pm
Cuddy: No… no… he’s just sleeping…
Cuddy hurried to House side and tried waking him up. <Starts to sound up: What hurts the most 의해 Rascal Flatts> The rest of the team came in as well and stood froze on the doorway.
Cuddy: Greg, wake up… Don’t play pranks like this…
All of them were sobbing again. In slomo clips, Cuddy shaking House, Cameron placing her hands on her mouth and crying, Thirteen with teardrop falling, Foreman and Chase trying to hold back their tears, Taub slowly sitting down and crying and Wilson turning back and leaning against the wall, looked at the ceiling and on the floor then he starts to cry too as he look at House who’s lifeless then.
Cuddy: You’re unfair…
She noticed a small teardrop rolling down from House’s eye and she wiped it out with her finger. She held his hand and it was turning cold.
Cuddy: But then, I have to let 당신 go…
Finally, she leaned and kissed him on the forehead. Wilson stood behind her and pulled her slowly back to a chair just a few steps away from the 침대 as she was crying so hard and he was comforting her.

Four years later…
Cuddy: Greg!
A little boy faced and ran towards her and Wilson. They’re in a cemetery. He held both Wilson’s and Cuddy’s hand.
Cuddy: We’re going home…
Greg: <looking at the ground> Bye dad…
Cuddy smiled so did Wilson and they started to walk to the car, Greg Jr. in the middle
Greg: I saw a picture of daddy in my room again, mom. He looked just like me.
Cuddy: With those pair of piercing blue eyes? Oh yes, 당신 look just like him.
Wilson: Get in, 당신 don’t want to be late in your 피아노 recital today.
They all get in the car. As Wilson drove, Cuddy held his hand showing their similar wedding rings.
Cuddy: 당신 think Greg will be happy to know we ended up being husband and wife?
Wilson: I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy ‘cause both 당신 and his son ended in my protective care.
They smiled and took the empty road back home.
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I was just watching some clips from season 2 and mostly 3 and I really enjoyed them.
And I already new that but now I know it more!
I miss the old team!
I miss Cameron's Poor Dead Husbands issues!
I miss Chase's daddy and fat issues!And his hair!(yum!)
I miss foremans eye-rolling when Cameron was being ethical!
I missed all that!
I want the old team back!
The new team hasn't really grew on me now...
I mean 13 has grew on me but foreteen really is ruining her for me and I really don't care about Taub.
And ok Kutner is super hot and funny but he is just not enought.
When are they going to bring the old team back?
I really want to cause if they don't I have this weird fear that 13 is gonna end up 키싱 house as every female on the show!
I think that the new team experience was ok and fun to watch but now its time to go back to the basics and brink the old cottages back!

Do 당신 agree?Say in the comments!
“When I was getting a baby, 당신 told me I would suck as a mother, now that I’ve 로스트 it; 당신 tell me I would be great as a mother.”

Powerful words spoken from an emotionally devastated Cuddy from the latest episode of House MD called “Joy”. A lot of talk has been going on about “Joy” because frankly House and Cuddy are an interesting topic, especially for nuts like me who like to over analyze everything and though the episode was about Cuddy’s potential adoption, it had strong under currents of Huddy. From reading, god knows how many reviews of “Joy” and seeing heaven knows...
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It's really to bad that season four was cut short 의해 the writers strike, if it hadn't been I think we would have been able to gain a much greater insight into House and Wilson's characters and their relationship with each other. However, we can't dwell on what we missed out on - instead we have to make the most of the time we had to learn.

AMBER: Amber was a very intelligent woman who would do anything to achieve whatever she set her mind on. House wasn't far off in calling her a manipulative 암캐, 암 캐 - but it's how she got the job done. She knew people didn't like her and compensated 의해 feeling...
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 House Cast - Last 저녁 식사
House Cast - Last Supper
1. 당신 sit in front of the 텔레비전 watching a show 당신 hate for hours just waiting to see the advert for the 다음 episode is on.
2. 당신 scream every time 당신 see the advert.
3. When 당신 see a [H]ouse DVD at the shops 당신 run towards it even though 당신 have it at home.
4. 당신 manage to turn every conversation into one about [H]ouse.
5. Every time 당신 see the word [H]ouse 당신 scream.
6. 당신 go to the hospital in hope to see 또는 meet a doctor with the same name as someone on [H]ouse.
7. 당신 know the 제목 of every episode in order 의해 heart.
8. 당신 know the diagnosis at the end of every episode.
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house is a bad man
house md
휴 로리
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