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posted by Lovebunny13
Emily:hey! what are 당신 doing so early in the morning. Dressed in her blue tights and white t-shirt.
Hotch:Hi!um... I just thought of during some files so that i don't have so much to do on valetines day.
Hotch:well! Bye
Hotch walks back to his office and sits down. Also emily sits down. Then emily gets her 아이팟 out and puts the headphones in and starts listening to some music.
Hotch comes out of his office.
Hotch: emily do 당신 need help out with your paper work"?
Emily: no
Hotch: 당신 okay
Emily:I'm fine.
Hotch:You sure
Emily:yeah(her are hardely awake)
Hotch: okay! but i think 당신 should...
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1. She wanted to be in the BAU to learn from him.
2. He hired her with little knowledge of her profiling skills.
3. She stood up to him when she felt he was being unfair.
4. He didn't hold that against her.
5. She wouldn't spy on him to get him fired.
6. He wouldn't let her leave the BAU.
7. She turned to him for help when her friend died.
8. He not only allowed her to work the case but bent the rules for her.
9. She volunteered for an uncomfortable interview.
10. He comforted and consoled her afterward.
11. She ran from the team to protect them and him.
12. He vowed to destroy anyone who harmed her.
13. They devised a plan to keep her 안전한, 안전 from Doyle.
14. The way she looks at him.
15. He's there for her when she's having bad days.

코멘트 very much appreciated, please! :)
posted by deppforever
1 Of course, a band of 팬 want her [Prentiss] to hook up with Hotch.

Brewster: I know! I didn't realize that 팬 make these 비디오 on YouTube? A.J. Cook sent me a hilarious one that made it look like Prentiss and J.J. were having a secret lesbian affair. 당신 know, when Hotch was blown up in the SUV, we shot this scene where he's in the hospital and I'm standing 다음 to him, looking at his bleeding ear. Our director came in and said, "Paget, you're looking at Hotch like you're in 사랑 with him. It looks really weird." So now, every day, Thomas [Gibson] and I flutter our eyelids at each other.
posted by criminalmindspb
Based on what should have happened at the end of in name and blood.

Prentiss was unsure how long she'd been gazing out of the window, watching the city's lights. She knew only that her head was not so quietly pounding, her neck ached and she could feel stiffness settling in over the right side of her body where she had been hit and had fallen. She snatched up the container of painkillers she had been given and read the label deciding whether she wanted them 또는 not. Physical pain she was fairly good at ignoring but not alongside everything that was running through her mind.

Hotch turning up here....
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posted by housefrk
Disclaimer: If I owned Criminal Minds, AJ and Paget would be sticking around for every episode 다음 season.

Hey guys. So, this is my first Criminal Minds fic, though 당신 might know me from the House 또는 Psych fandoms. Anyway, one of my 가장 좋아하는 scenes for a couple to have is a slow dance, and excuse me for saying that I don't think Hotch and Emily are ever going to get one :( , so I've written one of my own. Inspired 의해 the song mentioned in the story and alluded to in the title.

Never Let Me Go

The soft evening breeze was refreshing in comparison to the warm, crowded hall. Emily shuddered as a...
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posted by MartinipartyXO
Criminal Minds. Hotch/Emily fanfiction.

He'd never been 더 많이 miserable in his life, there was no possibility that it could get any worse than this. He'd tried eating, he'd tried sleeping, and he'd tried just about everything that didn't involve thinking about her. But nothing worked. He kept flashing back to that moment, to the lights of the taxi cab slowly fading in the darkness. Further and further away. He ignored the nagging feeling in his inside, ignored the urge to grab her and 키스 her senseless. He became his usual stoic self again and held everything in. He'd never told her, there were...
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Written 의해 wideyedreamer on livejournal.

#1- Plans

“I’m hiding under your desk. And if 당신 사랑 me when JJ walks 의해 this office 당신 will tell her 당신 have no idea where I am.” Emily states marching into Aaron’s office.

He couldn’t help but smile looking up from the never ending stack of paperwork that he was consumed in.

“Why exactly are 당신 hiding under my desk?”

“JJ. I made her in charge of helping me plan everything for the wedding. I have never seen her like this before, but she’s a crazed woman. I told her that our 색깔 were going to be blue and silver. Simple right?...
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Written 의해 wideyeddreamer on livejournal.


When Emily Prentiss showed up in his office, boxes in hand, he went from confused to annoyed in a matter of seconds.

When Emily Prentiss wound up in his office again when they came 집 from the case Hotch acted annoyed. But really, he was kind of impressed with her persistence.


“Damn.” Emily whispered to what she thought was herself.

“What?” Penelope asked looking up at her.

“Hotch’s eyes. They can really…cut through you.”

Penelope smiled knowingly. “Yeah. He’s good at that when he wants to be. It’s what makes...
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Written 의해 SussiRay.
Sequel to 로스트 and Found.
Rated: T (hot and sexy!):D

What does it mean when a woman names her... her vibrator... after a man she knows?"

David Rossi looked at the man who had just entered his office, confusion welling up. What the hell is he talking about?

"What the hell are 당신 talking about, Hotch?" Rossi asked.

But before Hotch had a chance to answer him Rossi noticed the piece of light purple plastic that he was clutching.

"Ehm... what's that in your hand, Aaron?"

"It's... it's... Oh, 당신 can see for yourself what it is. I found it 다음 to Prentiss' car... I had to go to the...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 SussiRay.


Emily Prentiss rushed into the office of techkitten Penelope Garcia and slammed the door behind her.

"You know what's nice?" Garcia's voice was dripping with sarcasm."Knocking..."

Emily didn't hear her 또는 she just didn't care. "I've 로스트 Little Hotch!" she hissed.

"Uhm...what? I know he's no 모건 but 당신 can hardly call him little, Em..."

"No, not Hotch Hotch... Little Hotch!"

"Wait what? What do 당신 mean? Is Jack lost?" Garcia was getting 더 많이 confused 의해 the second.

"No, Garcia! Little Hotch... 당신 know that thing that I've named Hotch..."

Realization dawned on Garcia...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 phoebe9509.
Rated: M
There are some "hot" scenes in this story!;)

Aaron Hotchners brother Sean was in the area visiting his big brother. They had their ups and downs just like any family does but they were trying to be 더 많이 of a family. After a big case the team went out to 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 and Hotch invited Sean. Hotch quickly saw how drawn his baby brother was to Prentiss. He was telling her jokes then lightly placing his hand on her arm 또는 leg. Hotch wasn't too fond of seeing them flirt, but he let it go.

A few days later when Emily came into work she was in a good mood. She sat at her desk...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 MissCrys.
Rated: T

Emily Prentiss was running late for work. She couldn't believe that she over slept this morning. She has never over slept before in her life. Then again she was never kept up all night because of erotic dreams that she was having about a man that she couldn't have 또는 shouldn't want to have. She didn't pay any attention to the clothes she grabbed out of her closet. She just chose randomly and just checked to make sure she had everything on the right way. Ten 분 later she was headed out her front door.

All the way to work Emily couldn't get the 이미지 out of her...
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posted by Simmy
Who I am

Written 의해 MoneButterfly

It had rained the night before and the 잔디 was now making the bottom of her jeans wet as she walked down the aisles of the big cemetery with a bundle of daffodils in her hand. When she reached the right grave she kneeled in front of it and laid the 꽃 in the 잔디 의해 the tombstone. She moved her long black hear behind her ears and, for a moment, she just looked at the tombstone without doing anything, but then she ran her fingers over the lettering and sighed, "Hey dad."

She sighed again looking over her shoulder at her mom, who was standing 의해 the car...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 Mydnyte Houre.

Emily Prentiss closed the microwave door and set two steaming mugs of 우유 on the counter. She pulled two bright 담홍색, 핑크 plastic spoons from the drawer and placed one in each mug before pouring out two generous measures of 코코아 mix. Hissing softly as the hot 도자기 pressed against her hands, she picked the mugs up and carried them into her living room. She shook her hands to relieve the burning sensation in her palms as she set the mugs down on the small coffee table, earning a questioning look from Hotch. "Hot," she explained with a sheepish smile....
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 macgarrygirl78, lairofthemuses on Livejournal.
(My birthday ficlet):)

This was the fourth night in a row and she could hardly take it anymore. It was pouring rain and Emily listened to it fall above her on the skylight and outside of her bedroom window. She hated not being able to sleep. She hated closing her eyes and never falling. She definitely hated the way she would feel the 다음 day.

How could 당신 be so exhausted 당신 couldn’t see straight but not sleep? Even though Emily didn’t want it, she took the drugs the doctor prescribed and there was still nothing. It didn’t make...
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posted by Simmy
Baby on the Way

Written 의해 MoneButterfly

Mid May, 2010

It was Sunday and Emily was 집 alone with Jack, because Hotch had been called to the office for a meeting. Emily and Jack had been playing with his Lego blocks on the floor in Jack's room for hours, when Emily placed a hand on her lower back as it started to hurt. She turned in her seat, but was still uncomfortable, so she turned again.

"What the hell. Ow!"Emily nearly yelled grabbing her back.

"What's wrong, Emily?"

The pain was getting worse, but after a moment it subsided and Emily said, "I think the baby wants to-OW! 예수님 CHRIST that hurt!"...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 phobe9505.

Prentiss set the bowl of chips on the dining room 표, 테이블 and checked the refrigerator to make sure she had enough 맥주 everybody. It had been a rough couple of weeks at the BAU and they all decided that they needed a night to relax. So Rossi decided they should have a poker night; a night where they could leave all the worries and stresses of the job behind and just 'hang out.' Rossi also decided that they should have their poker night at Emily's house.

The doorbell rang and Emily welcomed JJ and 모건 into her condo. 모건 set the three boxes of 피자 he was carrying on...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 celticgina.
Emily thinking about a certain person.:)

As she stared out the window of the jet, Emily Prentiss was not focusing on the stars 또는 the twinkling lights of civilizations that rushed past below. She was tying to think of a word. Considering her considerable linguistic skills, it was unusual that one would elude her. But this subject matter was not easily defined. She knew if she turned her head, she would see him. But every aspect of his face was already burned into her being. Her head came up slightly as she figured it out.


Aaron Hotchner was dangerous. He was a...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 tooks.
Note: Emily babysitting little Henry.

Hotch stepped into JJ and Will’s 집 with just a vague look around before focusing in on who had called him there. “Hello Emily,” he smiled, “how are 당신 doing?” For the moment he was ignoring the sounds of little Henry wailing somewhere within the house.

“Are 당신 kidding me?” Emily asked, clearly at her wits end, “you can’t hear that?”

“Yes, I can,” Hotch replied calmly as he removed his 재킷, 자 켓 and ensured the door was locked behind him before following Emily into the house towards the screaming.

Emily sighed, “He...
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posted by Celina79
Written 의해 tooks.

Emily sat happily, proudly, surrounded 의해 what had slowly, but surely, become “her guys” as the movie credits began to roll on the TV screen. She gave just enough of a stretch to be able to roust Hotch from his semi-sleep. “Movie’s over.”

“Huh?” the man gave a massive yawn. Just when it was about to hit its crescendo Emily quickly moved to put her hand over his mouth causing the man to give a quizzical look.

“Jack’s sleeping,” she whispered some.

Hotch looked over to find his son curled into a ball on the third section of the couch. The mere sight of his son...
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