MM: What is a typical night out in LA like for you?
HR: I 사랑 food–I would like to think; I cook at home. However the truth is I 사랑 dim sum, Japanese BBQ, Middle Eastern food, and vegan and raw food. So it’s 안전한, 안전 to say I’m quite the themed eater. I also am a huge Jeopardy fan. So 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 and a show on it’s head.

MM: What gets 당신 nostalgic/homesick for Texas?
HR: Pulled turkey sandwiches, Matthew McConaughey movies, and all holidays down to President’s 일 weekend.

MM: What 책 are 당신 reading? What are your two favorites?
Right now I’m 읽기 Walter Kern’s Blood Will Out. It’s a memoir about his relationship with this imposter who called himself Clark Rockefeller. Also Sam Kean’s Disappearing Spoon. It tells the history of the world through the periodic table.

MM What do they mean to you?:
It’s the only art form that we as consumers make from scratch. Everything is processed down to the 음식 we eat. 영화 will bring a tone to it the 초 a studio and director are attached. With books, it’s all still up to you. There is a homemade aspect.

MM: If 당신 could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
I do 사랑 Paris because I’m a sucker for architectural pornography. I happen to 사랑 the people there. And all the different arrondissements remind me of all the different boroughs of LA 또는 NYC. The daily 음악 and fashion is worthy of inspiration. There 또는 Ski Bum in Vail! It’s my 가장 좋아하는 sport that I’ve been doing since I was two and a half years old with my dad.

MM: What is the most attractive asset in a man (or woman) to you?
Drive, I think, but mixed with humor. Someone who takes themself entirely seriously with their life goals but 일 to 일 can laugh.

MM: As a Women’s Studies major, do 당신 think the media and magazines like Cosmo 또는 Seventeen are having an effect on developing young women?
On all women. I think it’s okay to play make believe, which pretty much summarizes the media industry including magazines. But I can speak from personal experience. When 당신 have a strong female presence in their life, (it doesn’t just have to be a mother) so much 더 많이 self worth is ingrained in that girl. I have had the lack thereof and I have also had emerging role 모델 in my life. It’s a pretty immense difference on how 당신 view yourself. 당신 have 35 년 old women who don’t know where they stand, so it’s not a chronological thing either. That being said, I think at least some magazines are taking 더 많이 responsibility; some women turn to magazines to raise them and not as a 출처 of entertainment. I have seen countless budget sections that are realistic which I think is a fantastic way to evolve due to demand.

MM: As a former student of molecular science, what was the coolest thing to see under a microscope and the most fascinating experiment 당신 conducted?
Being able to shadow my friend working with pluripotent stem cells (an epithelial cell is an example of that) and how they injected them into pig livers because anatomically they are the most similar to us. Within a matter of weeks in incubators our cells enveloped the pigs cell. If entirely successful one day, it would get rid of donor lists where everyone could have kidney, heart, and liver transplants. The coolest experiment was dissecting a human. There is no better way to learn than aesthetically. Quite tedious-the super fascia layers took a week alone.

MM: As a child, 당신 were pretty smitten with the 퀸 of England. Why do 당신 think 당신 were so drawn to her?
I have no idea- probably a Princess Diana effect.

MM: “Teen Wolf,” has become quite the cult phenomenon. What’s a mythical, mystical, 또는 sci-fi creature 당신 hope exist in real life?
The character of Alex Mack – her parents were scientists and she was able to turn into a chemical puddle and slide under doors. Just the ability to be a fly on the wall. And gremlins–the nice ones of course.

MM: LA is a great place to stimulate 음악 exploration. Are there any 음악 festivals besides Coachella that you’re dying to go to – like Bonnaroo 또는 Tomorrowland?
I haven’t been to those- the horizon of Spotify and Hype Machine let’s us discover people in our pajamas.

MM: What was the worst 조언 당신 were ever given? Did 당신 take it 또는 laugh in the advice-giver’s face?
Obviously I would never speak in absolutes. But after going to a socially aggressive public school for two years and living in Los Angeles, I’ve learned that there are sure a good amount of kids and people in general who think of cocaine as an instant breakfast shake 또는 red bull. Yeah, that’s pretty ludicrous.

MM: What are/were the inside-jokes on Teen Wolf? Does anybody start howling between takes?
Hmmm, the scenes have the potential to be quite funny without trying to be. Dylan and I have an inside joke: we frequently, during blocking, consider that there is an alternate version of TW that is a straight up comedy–and I’m not talking about in the 80s when there was the movie.

MM: Do 당신 ever think about making the jump from TV to 영화 또는 the stage?
It’s definitely a goal of mine. But as in most jobs, 당신 don’t just go sign up. I would 사랑 to have the opportunity; but filming 10 months a 년 takes up time, and booking only the projects 당신 happen to be available for is easier said than done. I also 사랑 to remind people as working, American actors, not A-list actors, it’s still very much a struggle. Hit TV show 또는 not, I think there is no shame in exposing the reality of that.

MM: How difficult was it to make the give up science to pursue acting? Do 당신 think you’ll use your women’s studies to help bring awareness to the injustices women face worldwide?
It was the hardest decision of my professional life- which in this 일 and age is most of our life. I definitely want to. I just got back from Ghana where I played a tourist and volunteered at a school there. It was a fascinating experience to witness how societies can be so peaceful but still so sexist. It’s a way of life that that has been set on the back burner because they are currently working on having 더 많이 than one electrical grid for Togo, Benin, and Ghana, public service, and proper plumbing. In West Africa where safaris and pyramids aren’t the main attraction, 당신 feel like the world has forgotten about them. It really does start with education, and we are setting up aid to help them with that. There are women I will be reaching out to there.