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posted by dakiniverona
The 일 I Died - Part I © 2010 Dakini Verona

December 15, 1969. That 날짜 is stuck in my mind forever. Branded in my soul, so to speak. Yes – that is the 일 I died, 또는 at least I thought I was dead. LSD is a very strange drug, a strong hallucinogenic, the strongest, I believe. A drug which was developed, 또는 actually stumbled upon, 의해 the Swiss scientist, Albert Hofmann in the 1930’s. He thought it would be used as an aid in psychoanalysis, but it never quite worked out that way.

Hoffman never mentioned that the US government used LSD in secret experiments on unwilling human participants...
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* For all my hippie 프렌즈 out there, this is meant to be funny. I don't do all 또는 even most of these things. This is a joke me and my sister have together. And excuse my spelling :)

You know your the rebelling child of a hippie when...

... 당신 throw compost and recycling into the garbage while yelling, "Fuck the enviroment!!"

...You think that what your mother tells 당신 is "natrual beauty" is butt ugly.

... 당신 are considered a dissapointment to your family because 당신 went to college and got a real job.

... 당신 get yelled at for inappropriate 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 talk because 당신 talked about your 일 at school...
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