High School Musical 4: Troy Goes Gay??
With the release of High School Musical 3 in cinemas and on the back of it's overwhelming success, 디즈니 are already working on a 3rd Sequel. The 다음 installment of this extremely 인기 franchise will see the main 별, 스타 Troy Bolton (AKA: Zac Efron) return for the last time. However this time, it will certainly be the start of something new!

I can tell 당신 that 당신 will see a new side to the East High 농구 captain, as he enters into a homosexual relationship with another member of the school.

As of yet, details are sketchy as to whom this mystery partner will be, though rumours going around seem to indicate Ryan Evans (Sharpay Evans' fraternal twin brother) will share 'a romantic moment' with the star.

Director of the first 3 films, Kenny Ortega, had this to say about working on the fourth installment:

"We've done about all we can on the relationship of Troy and Gabriella in the first three films. The fourth one, which I am considering working on, will focus on an entirely new dynamic. We may even see one 또는 two old faces returning."

For those who still remain unconvinced, here is one proposed poster for the new release, scheduled for production 'sometime soon'.

This breaks with a long standing tradition at 디즈니 of promoting only 'wholesome American family values'.

Zac Efron has not been available for comment.

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