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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
“Mom! Phone!”
Where was she? I slowly dragged myself off the leather couch, knocking my 책 to the floor. I watched as my pencil rolled under the puffy armchair. Oh well, I was done with it anyways. I grabbed the phone on the eighth ring,
“Julie, babe. I thought you'd never answer. It's been like what? Three hours since we last chatted?” It was my slime-ball of an ex-boyfriend, Ryan.
“Ya, sure. What ev.” I replied while examining the ruby red paint chipping off my nails. “I got to go, so like leave a message 또는 something.” I hung up the phone not waiting for an...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
It was a bright sunny 일 and I had just woken up. The warm and welcoming sunlight was streaming threw the bedroom curtains. I smiled and looked over at Humphrey who was still sleeping beside me, and he was snoring as always. I chuckled and got up and quickly got dressed then I leaned over the side of the 침대 so that my face was right 의해 his . I whispered sweetly into hid ear, "Humphrey, time to get up." He just rolls over and puts a 베개 over his head. I sigh, "I guess I'm going to have to do this the hard way, for me"
I turn around and look at my radio. I smirk and turn it on to the rock...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
의해 the time I got to the small shopping center in my little town, my Jeep had stalled twice, the window was stuck half way and the little light on the dash was flashing. Could it get any worst? Better not say that in case something did happen.
I grabbed my keys, stuffed them in my bag and slammed the door.

“Julie! Over here! Juuuuulie!” Sophie was almost standing on her chair in the 음식 court waving her hands in the air like a lunatic. “What took so long? I've been waiting for like 3 hours!” she said when I finally managed to weave my way through the other people there. “I only got...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Here are three haiku's I wrote about this hevenly pack/pride. This place it full of amazing members that make this pack/pride the lovly place it is today.

Starts with one member,
Seeking to make unity,
심장 and mind is one.

Alphas are ranked higher,
Omegas are not as much,
Unity rules all.

Peaceful and loving,
Together as one family,
Hold each other up.

Hope 당신 liked them, it's not much compared to what others have shared to get this club up and running, such as Kovu_Oats banner, Garth32's drawings, lionkingt's optimism, KingSimba4Ever9's creative stories and anything of anyone else's I might have missed.
posted by wolfcat343
I am almost an administrator so here are my rules for articles

1.no using too bad swear words and if u want to use ** like here is 2 examples f**k s**t

2.no raping for it will be reported

3.no sexual content without any warning and btw some times if u scroll down u to find a different 기사 u see some words so keep it not so horny 또는 not so ultra sexual I hate it when that happens

4.if its 팬 fiction it ought to be interesting

5. when u make an whole romantic story just put in front of the name romance okay

its settled then lots of licks and hugs from thunderomega 또는 u can say lexson