10 Things that I 사랑 about Heath Ledger!
1.    He’s an amazing actor

2.    He has so too much talent!

3.    He’s so romantic!!!

4.    He’s shy…

5.    He has a down to earth personality

6.    He has those dimples, dimples, dimples, dimples, dimples!!!

7.    HE’S SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

8.    He has a gorgeous face!!!

9.    He’s way too much TALL!

10.     Well, he is: compassionate, sweet, an Aussie rocket, beautiful, hot, deep, with messy curly blonde, brunette hair, skinny, chubby, freakin' hot accent in voice, devilish look hair, goober grin smile, funny, innocent, he has an incredible natural 연기 ability, he's kind, smart, playful, boyish, big, long, with huge legs, smile so perfect, did I mention sexy, hot, with nice and sexy muscles!

There 당신 go 10 things that I 사랑 about Heath Ledger! Well, kinda… Honestly if I ever made a list of the things that I 사랑 about him it would be: 100 things that I 사랑 about Heath Ledger!!!!!!!!!
I 사랑 당신 HEATH!!!!! 4 EVER & EVER!
(a lil tip, sometimes i think that Heath Ledger isn't dead, i know... is weird)