Chapter 4 Nikki
I struggled as my brother was circled around mortals armed “No! Let him alone!” The mortal Agent 언덕, 힐 had the device in her hands from earlier. She pressed the trigger and that noise started again. It probably wasn’t going to me but it was still affecting me a little bit because it was affecting Loki. We feel every others pain, we’re twins. My body was in pain again. Then I saw the mortal Shield military being thrown to the 벽 and Agent 언덕, 힐 held in the air 의해 my older cousin Nikki’s using her telekinesis powers. Nikki was wearing a long sleeved black 재킷, 자 켓 that stop above her stomach and a black mini skirt. Her hair was the same long and dark brown with light brown highlights.
I got out of the arms around me running and tackling Nikki “No Nikki!” When Nikki realized I tackled her she was pissed. She used her powers and sent me flying against the room hitting the 벽 “You dare to choose the mortals over your own cousin? That was a big mistake and I will make 당신 suffer.” I got up and walked to her “Nikki please don’t do this. We have other problems.” She laughed loudly “Like what? Saving your mortal pet race?” Her eyes flickered to Clint and she walked to him and growled running to her. She smiled as all of sudden I pushed against the 벽 의해 metal.
“Now 당신 get to watch as I torture you’re lover and his 프렌즈 and there’s nothing 당신 can do about it.” Clint and the others tried to 옮기기 but couldn’t. Nikki kissed Clint’s cheek giving him a frost bite and he gasped in pain. She continued to 키스 him on the jaw and his neck. She smirked as he yelled in pain. Tears came down my face and the anger in me couldn’t stand here and do nothing any longer. I shape shifted in a 늑대 and ran at her as fast as I could. I lunged at her knocking her away from Clint and the other mortals. I growled and she kicked me in the ribs. I laid on the ground and waiting for her to get close enough to me.
She was smirking as Clint yelled and cried in pain. I jumped at her again and she hit me to the windows. I went a pain as I fell on some broken glass. I shifted back but in my Frost giant form and noticed that there was a piece of glass on the back of my head and in the side of my stomach. “I really think that 당신 should stay in your regular mortal form because 당신 looked like a monster.” I flinched as I remember that’s what Loki used to tell me. “That’s funny because that’s how 당신 look all the time.” I wasn’t going to let Nikki win; I’m going to fight as much as I can until there’s nothing left in me. “Nikki this is between me and 당신 leave the Mortals out of this.” She screamed-laughed “Why should I? Torturing you’re lover is hurt 당신 더 많이 than me hurting 당신 myself.”
She grabbed Clint’s arm and gave him another Frost bite but worse. He grunted trying not to scream. I threw magic at her knocked her through the glass. I ran to Clint and kissed his Frost bites making them go away. I took off my hawk 목걸이 holding a sword 또는 something and pulled around his neck “If I die this will protect and heal 당신 and the others no matter what.” I wiped away his tears and kissed his cheek. I turned and Nikki back-handed me “Don’t worry I’ll make his, his friends, and you’re brother’s death very slowly. And I’ll start with 당신 and 당신 four first.” She turned to Kimmy, Alice, Natasha, and Hannah.
Stark, Rogers, Bruce, Loki, Thor, and Clint yelled “No!” She smiled and dragged them to the side of me making us get on our knees. Our necks were in like breaking and so were our arms. I heard Alice, Kimmy, and Hannah scream in pain. I knew Nikki was being controlled and I was inside Loki’s head “Brother I need 당신 to give me some of your energy and strength so I can throw a spell at Nikki and make her the same nice Nikki we know.”He nodded and I felt powerful and strong. I whispered in my head the spell making the spell become a ball in my hand.
When I finished I use all the strength I had and tired to get up. My skin was burning and my 본즈 were breaking. “I have to save the others. I have to save the others. I have to save the others” I thought in my head over and over. My skin was peeling blue and I felt some of my vocal chores break. My glass wounds were worse and pouring out blood. My head was pounding like someone had bashed my head in a 벽 a million times. My body was getting very weak and starting to shut down. I pushed myself up and threw the spell ball at her and she pushed me in the 벽 causing me to black out. I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t move. I keep thinking “Did it work? Is everyone ok? Is Hannah and the girls ok? Is Loki ok? Is Clint hurt? Please tell me Clint isn’t hurt.”
Then the blackness took over me and I was dreaming. It was me, Loki, and Nikki playing outside 의해 a 바닷가, 비치 when we were younger. Nikki was about 13, Loki and I were about 5 또는 6. I yelled “Wet’s berry Woki in whe wand!” My and Loki’s vocabulary was off. Nikki and I buried Loki in the sand giggling. Loki wined “Oohh wt’s all in messa’s wouth!” We could feel the water from the ocean rise up to our feet and Nikki’s expression changed “Come on let’s play in the water.” Loki teleported out from the sand and we ran to water. We splashed water at Nikki and she blocked it with her powers “noo faiir wheater.” She smiled and then turned to the man laughing and clapping his hands. Nikki yelled “Loki take your sister and ran as fast as 당신 can!”
“What wbout wou wikki?” We asked and she bent down and kissed our heads “I’ll be fine. Loki take Loka and ran and never come back. Do 당신 understand me?” He nodded and we had tears coming down our faces “Wes. Wome on Loka.” He teleported us as far as possible and we hid in the brushes as Nikki was wkilled I cried but Loki put his hand on my mouth “Whhh sis.” The man who killed Nikki, he laughed out loud “I know you’re out there my sweet Loka. Just come out and I’ll make your brother’s death quick.” I squeezed Loki’s hand and we teleported away from the beach. We ended up hiding in the mountain for the night and I cried “Hessa wkilled Wikki wecause of messa.” Loki hugged me putting me in his arms “Youssa wdon’t worry wessa will wbe wfine messa wromise.”
Then that man walked in the cave we hid in “Ahh my sweet, sweet Loka. 당신 can never hide from me.” Loki pushed me behind him “Weave sis Wlone!”The man laughed “Hahaha and what are 당신 going to do about it?” Loki had his magic in his hands and threw it at him knocking him on his butt “Messa waid to weave sis Wlone!”The man got up and fixed himself “That was a mistake boy. 당신 ready to 가입하기 you’re cousin?” He threw a ball of something but Loki teleported. Loki made the 불, 화재 into 늑대 and they ran at the man. The man killed them and Loki ran to him going to hit him. But the man grabbed Loki 의해 the neck and squeezed “Loki!” I cried and ran to him when the man dropped him.
He killed Loki and Nikki to get to me. My twin brother on the ground with his last breath’s left in him. I sat on my knees shaking Loki “Loki wlease wdon’t weaves messa.” He put his hand on my cheek “I wove wou sis wnow wun.” He drifted away dying. I couldn’t 옮기기 all I could do is cry. I’m all alone. Loki and Nikki are died. The man grabbed me and I was kicking and screaming “Wet messa wo!” He whispered in my ear “You’ will be mine forever.” My anger was rising and I was I had powers like Loki. Then I was back in front of Loki and I had his powers. I grabbed Loki dead hand and teleported us far away from the man. I was in the forest and cried with my brother in my arms “Loki messa so wsorry!”
Then I was being shaken “Loka wake up.” I opened eyes and sat up gasped with tears down my eyes. Clint and the others were around me “Loka 당신 alright? 당신 were screaming and crying in your sleep.” The thought of my nightmare was making me sob and cry worse “W-w-h-e-r-e-s L-L-o-k-I a-and N-N-i-k-k-i?”