Chapter 2 The Truth
As soon as I walked in the SHEILD Helicarrier there was a loud noise and force that made my body ache and hurt. I screamed out and grabbed chucks of my hair and squeezed. I heard Clint and Thor telling them to stop it. The noise and force got louder and harder. The pain was so harsh that it felt like my skin was ripping. I screamed without even noticing it. My eyes were closed so tight together and it felt like that was ripping too. I scratched at my skin, the flesh and 본즈 beneath aching.
The sound abruptly stopped and when I looked down my skin was a beautiful blue. It was as if I changed skin. I saw my reflection to see my eyes to be bloody red and I gasped. Clint came to me helping me up “Loka are 당신 ok?” I looked up at him “You’re not afraid of me? 당신 do think I’m a monster?” He turned to me and moved his hand to my cheek “No I’m not afraid of 당신 and I don’t think you’re a monster. I will always 사랑 당신 no matter how 당신 look.” I smiled and he kissed me sliding his tongue in my mouth.
I heard a lot of footsteps along with clipping. We pulled back to mortal men surrounding us with 총 and shields. A woman with very short brown hair and blue eyes; she had on a black jumpsuit on and she had a device in her hands. She walked towards us “Clint 옮기기 away from the monster.” I looked up at Clint and he didn’t 옮기기 an inch “No.” and Thor stood 다음 to me “She’s no threat. She can here to warn us about Loki coming back with revenge.”
“Then she can talk to me about it then we’ll discuss about it.” I shook my head “You don’t understand I have to talk to them no-” She pointed the device at me “No 당신 don’t understand I don’t take orders from a monster.” I looked at her fingers on the trigger “Do it and show everyone the coward 당신 are.” She looked at one of the men and nodded. Clint and Thor were grabbed and take to a different room with the other men as she turned on the device causing me to scream in pain again. It was killing me inside and out.
I heard a deep male’s voice “Agent 언덕, 힐 stand down now.” She stopped and stepped back. I saw an African-America mortal with a black eye patch on his left eye with scars and he was in a big black 코트 with a jump suit on underneath. There was 7 people behind him. Two with Iron 슈츠 on, a young blonde girl with the same uniform as her older sister with short red and the other young teenage girl with long black hair. One tall blonde male with blue uniform on and one tall green monster giant with black hair and purple torn shorts on. They are handsome and beautiful. Clint and Thor ran in helping me on my feet “Fury this is Loka she’s Loki’s twin brother and she is here to help us.”
The African-America Mortal looked at me “Ok tell us what 당신 know.” I sat down breathing lightly “I was reunited with my brother when he suppose killed himself. When my brother said he was going to invade here Midgard the first time I tried to reason with him but he knocked me up in Jötunheim and invaded Midgard. When he failed he blamed me and took his anger out of me 의해 abusing me. He never talked to me he just knocked me in room since he found Josephen Berry his 사랑 who can 당신 go insane 의해 her eyes turning purple and Lacey Howlett who can grown and retract her claws and fangs, read minds, and has physic powers.
“When I overheard Loki talking about come here for revenge for 당신 guys I knew that it was the perfect time to escape and help the mortals. So I took this,” I put out Loki’s laevateinn “His laevateinn because without it he’s nothing. Loki never knew that I have the same powers as him and I can teleport, mind trick people, have magic, shape shift, can do spells, and influence others. I mean why would he? All he’s done is ignore me and abuse me all my life. When I came here Clint and I bumped into each other and Josephen and Lacey know that we 사랑 each other and are probably telling Loki. We killed 2 large frost giants.”
He was confused about something “Why are worried about your brother finding about 당신 and Clint?” I looked down “It’s in my nature to protect and do good. It’s my brother’s to kill and do bad. If Loki finds out about my 사랑 for a mortal he’ll not only kill Clint and 당신 guys. He’ll kill all mortals and the blood will be on my hands. My brother will do anything for me to feel hopeless and guilty. That’s why we must be ready and strong when he comes.” The Iron male mortal raised his hand “And how do 당신 think we do that? All of our equipment is still much damaged from the last time he was here.”
“That’s why over the past 2 years I’ve been working on these.” I smiled and grabbed my bag. “Clint I made your bow and arrows for 당신 the archer. This,” I put out a big 원, 동그라미 round shield “For the soldier.” I gave it to the tall blonde male. I pulled out big heavy black strong gloves and walked to the Hulk “For the strongest Hulk. When 당신 punched 또는 destroy anything these will make sure you’re fists won’t hurt.” He nodded. I pulled out 4 9mm Glock’s and a whole bag with 9mm bullets that I made with my powers “For the martial artists and her sister.” I handed to the 2 sisters.
I turned to the Iron male and female “for the knight and his sister.” I snapped my fingers and two brad new iron 슈츠 made from Thor’s hammer and my swords. I turned to Thor “For the Son of Odin and God of Thunder I increased the power in 당신 and your hammer.” I looked at the young girl with long black hair and light skin “For 당신 Weather Woman here’s a device that when 당신 pressed it. It can protect 당신 from anything even from something strong like Thor’s hammer.” She took the device “Thank you.”
    I bowed noticing that my skin is normal “Not thank me. I made hem for 당신 to help me save your world.” The soldier one asked “Do 당신 have a plan yet?” I nodded “Yes when my brother comes I will confront him no one else. I will first try to talk to hi-” “yeah right have fun trying.” I turned to the mortal girl that attacked me with the device thing “What is your problem mortal? First 당신 nearly kill me then 당신 have no faith in any good in my brother? 당신 may not believe that there is good in my brother but I do.” She was in my face “Do 당신 listen to yourself? Good in your brother? He killed innocent lives. Innocent! He is a threat to us all.”
    “You think I don’t know how people he killed? I felt them die like I was dying a thousand times. I heard their screams,” I had tears coming down my face from the memories “and their pleading for help. I blamed and I still do blame myself for not being able to do anything but I still believe that there’s good in him somewhere.” She laughed “We don’t have to listen to 당신 monster. We’ll just attacked and kill him.” This mortal was stupid “Do that and you’ll just kill 더 많이 and 더 많이 innocent lives. And if 당신 kill him he’ll just be reborn.” She looked at me “Then 당신 kill him.”
    I shook my head “No I can’t. I can’t.” The thought of killing Loki made me feel dead. “Why? 당신 can’t kill you’re pathetic brother?” Now I can tell she was trying to piss me off so I yelled “My brother is not pathetic! I 사랑 him still! Even after all the pain and mean words he said to me! I still 사랑 him he’s my brother!” Everyone was silent and I heard someone breathing deep and a familiar voice “Loka? Loka dear is that you?” I turned around “Nuka?” Nuka was a boy who was obsessed me since I was little and was my brother’s friend until he tried to 키스 me and Loki didn’t like it. Nuka was holding Clint 의해 his throat “Nuka please don’t hurt him.”
    “I heard that 당신 fell for a mortal. I wondered why 당신 fell for this,” he squeezed on Clint’s throat “and not me.” It was hurting me to see Clint getting hurt “Please don’t I’ll do anything. Just please don’t hurt him.” He relaxed his grip around Clint’s neck “Say that you’re sorry for that day.” I growled and gave in “I’m sorry for not 키싱 당신 and my brother kicking your butt and me stabbing 당신 with my sword.” Everyone smiled and laughed. Nuka grinned “Now let me 키스 you.” I looked at Clint and whispered “Fine 키스 me.” Nuka let go Clint and 2 inches away from my lips. I kept one arm behind me back and use my powers to make an 애로우 stabbing it through his 심장 and him dead “Go to hell.”
    I watched as he disappeared and then walked over to Clint “Are 당신 ok?” He nodded “Yeah I’m fine.” I smiled and kissed his cheek.    
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