Alias: Kieran
Age: 30+
Gender: Male

Personality: Friendly, open-minded, and 사랑 human psychology, children, animals, and doing research for my RPing/writing. I'm also a very passionate writer - I don't hurry from a situation to the next, I 사랑 to take it slow and dig into my characters' heads and the situation itself when I write about them. That is not to say I constantly write really in-depth - of course I don't, 또는 that I'd never do a time-skip - of course I do...Just, I don't want to needlessly hurry. To me, it's quality over quantity.

Been roleplaying since:
Since 2003.


This RPG would be just for the two of us, on our own one-on-one site. I have created an OC little boy character, Phoenix Scamander, who is Newt Scamander's nephew's son. I need someone to create and RP an OC Magical Law Enforcement Officer (to whom the job is a calling) to become his adoptive father when the boy is ten years old. We would be RPing everyday life in the wizarding as well as muggle societies, and some aventurous events which is why I need the man to be in that line of work. Why he can't be an Auror, I'll explain right now.

The man would be Phoenix's biological father's, (who was an Auror and died in the line of duty when the boy was nine years old), best friend and been actively in the family's life - and therefore already to begin with deeply cares about, if not even downright loves, Phoenix and happily takes his best friend's place as the boy's parent and the protector of the family. And of course with the link would not be a complete stranger to the boy. Phoenix likely has some trouble accepting him as his new dad after his bio father's death but in his need for a father in his life and realising it doesn't mean he should forget his bio dad 또는 that he'd 사랑 him less, eventually genuinely starts to view and feel him as a parent and 의해 the time of the adoption would be calling him dad all the time.

Phoenix's mother is still alive and has full custody of the boy after the father's death. The family friend would be her close friend as well, but they would not develop a romantic 또는 sexual relationship. He would just remain a close friend and become the legal adoptive father to Phoenix, even living with the boy and the mother at least for a couple of years following the father's death.
He would believe in spanking as a 집 discipline method for children as does Phoenix's mother, but not as the only method nor would ever go to abusive level. That would not be a focus, but we would sometimes write out such discipline scenes whenever it seems needed for character development/building. Just mentioning this because I'm a firm believer in a non-abusive spanking as a child rearing method in 집 discipline and thus always include that in my OC character families' function - but I acknowledge how controversial it has become in this modern world. 의해 the way this plot line would be set in the 1980's era.

So, anyone inspired 의해 everyday family life both in the wizarding and muggle societies and 의해 some magical creature and magical law enforcement elements, in this kind of a family dynamic/setting? In the post-war/Voldemort era.

This is based on the seven original HP books, the 2001/2009 editions of the Fantastic Beasts companion book, and the Fantastic Beasts movie. Point being; 포터모어 and the Cursed Child script/play get ignored - as far as this RP goes those two things don't exist.

Oh, and this would be a long-term thing. Like, hopefully for years to come, though I do understand if 당신 need to take a hiatus 또는 quit at some point and just wish 당신 to let me know if 당신 do instead of just disappearing.

더 많이 about Phoenix and his mother in the Characters section of this Ad.

My activity habits:
2-4 times a week. I can sometimes post once 또는 twice a 일 if my 글쓰기 partner is that active and if the current situation happens to be that inspiring. And as I have some RPGs to maintain quality adminning and gaming in, there may be a few weeks periods when I can only post once a week. Sometimes, though even 더 많이 rarely I may take 2-3 weeks to reply (in which case it might also be because I need to give extra much thought to what I want to write.) But on average I indeed post a few times a week. Remember, my policy is quality over quantity. Yet I do aim at reasonable activity.

My usual post length:
My average post is 200-700 words, but quite often I may get inspired to produce 1000+ words.

Third person 또는 first person:
In third person. Absolutely.

Preferred rating:
15+ with the freedom to 십자가, 크로스 over to 18+ any time I may feel like it. I'm fine with 글쓰기 graphic violence, drug use ect. but don't want to focus on it. Anyway, 당신 should be at least 18 years old.

Characters For Plot

Phoenix was born in 1978. I think he's quite colourful personality but what stands out about him the most is his passion for magical creatures, following in his great-uncle's footsteps, and rebelling against the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy with the magical creatures. Unlike his great-uncle Newt's past genuine accidents, Phoenix sometimes does it on purpose - trying to sneak little creatures from Newt's suitcase/home/garden into the muggle society and/or sneak proof of magic into the hands of a muggle. He's not a bad kid, just somewhat stubborn and mischievous and very enthusiastic about magic. However, his family is fond of muggle lifestyle - just they visit the wizarding society a lot. Phoenix isn't sent to Hogwarts but in magic is homeschooled on weekends since age 11. Before that he attends a state school in the muggle society. He owns a niffler as a pet, named him Gibson.

Phoenix's mother, Saphira Scamander, is a muggle-born witch born in 1943. (In her 40s in the 1980s era.) She's a business owner; she owns the Magical Menagerine pet 샵 on Diagon Alley and a magic 샵 on Charing 십자가, 크로스 Road. That 샵 is located right across the 거리 from the Leaky Cauldron and she named it Moody Broomstick. It's a magic 샵 available for both muggles and the wizardkind - with the legal, official, written down license and regulations from the Ministry of Magic, of course.
She's a very independent, strong and kind woman and skilled witch who doesn't downright need protection but she does appreciate having a man around anyway as she doesn't quite believe Voldemort to be dead. She's a loving, devoted mother so above all she appreciates this family friend wanting to be a dad to her young son and help co-parent him. I haven't visioned her personality very in-depth yet so you'd have a chance to pitch in your possible wishes/ideas if 당신 have any specific plot interests in mind.

link is a 더 많이 in-depth and detailed bio about Phoenix which I'd ask 당신 to read through if you're interested in taking up the requested role.

I would leave the family friend Law Enforcement Officer's personality and past visioning mostly up to you, but with the base that he's the best friend of the father, close family friend, a good person, and a sensible, strong and loving parent to Phoenix. I don't have a preference for his play-by so feel to choose whoever 슈츠 your full vision of him. So I do wish 당신 would use a play-by, as I am a very visual person and kind of need a 사진 또는 an extremely realistic drawing for truly lively visualising a person

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The RPing would happen over there on the 포럼 I've founded, where the character bios are.
The gaming woulf be in fluid time flow 또는 rather time doesn't flow at all, as in we would be setting game events in any timeline order to any point of time we're currently inspired to play. Although I do prefer keeping a relatively liniar timeline order and not do huge leaps in time, but point being we're not tied to any specific order nor have to hurry according to real time.