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What is Harry Potter really about? Mental illness



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I admit that this is interesting.
Right before reading DH, I was going through an I-am-a-philosopher stage and I was going around throwing ideas like this all over Harry Potter.
(It made the story more interesting for me)

I had the idea that Voldemort never actually existed, or that Harry was really Voldemort.
There was one point in either the first or second book, where Rowling made a big deal out of Harry falling asleep, or a bigger deal than necessary, and I figured it was no mistake, so I kept it in mind.
Later, when Tom Riddle was introduced, I noticed their similarities, and had the idea that they were the same person, and the whole Hagrid coming to rescue him/pick him up was just a dream, because it was less traumatic.
I thought tom was Harry, before the story started, and Hogwarts, or Dumbledore, changed him into Voldemort. Taking him out of the environment he was comfortable in messed with his head, even if it wasn't the greatest environment.

Harry, for some reason, blames himself on his parents death, so later learns that Voldemort killed them, even though it was him, because Voldemort is him.
The same situation applied to Cedric, or "Derek". Harry was upset with him for I forget what reason, and killed him, again blaming it on Voldemort, which explains why nobody else had seen Voldemort.

The dementors were really tormentors, or people who almost found out about his second identity (Voldemort). He found out how to get rid of them. That's when the killing started...

There was something about Collin, but I forgot.

Anyways, the more I got into it, the less sense it made, so I dismissed it.
posted over a year ago.
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zanhar1 said:
I do believe Rowling said that dementors are based on depression.
posted over a year ago.
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interesting.. but riddled with inaccuracies... tsk. tsk. and yes to @ zanhar1. thats where she got her idea
posted over a year ago.