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Racism in Twilight?


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bri-marie said:
I never understood the whole "Twilight is racist" accusation. While it's true that between Twilight and New Moon Laurent - a darker complected vampire - is the bad guy, he's not the only darker skinned vampire we see throughout the series. Also, between Twilight and New Moon, how many vampires do we see? The Cullens, James, Victoria, and Laurent, and five Volturi. That's not much. If it was racist, why didn't Smeyer make James and Victoria, and the Volturi (who are white) darker skinned? Laurent was the only darker skinned vampire, but he wasn't the only evil vampire introduced. Also, in Breaking Dawn, we are introduced to good, dark skinned vampires (the Egyptian coven and, either Eleazer or Carmen - I don't remember which). That logic doesn't make sense.

We start w/ the stereotypical poor Reservation, w/ it’s tiny, shabby houses filled w/ dark skinned kids running around shirtless and barefoot all the time. Those crazy savages, unable to bother w/ things like clothes.
I don't remember Smeyer using any kind of negative connotation to describe the Quileute reservation. I actually don't remember her describing the reservation much at all. Interesting insight into the human mind, if you think about it . . .
If you look at pictures of the reservation (no, not from the movie, the actual Quileute reservation - yes, it's a real place filled with real American-Indian people) it's not exactly "poor."
Also, only the werewolves ran around shirtless and barefoot and that was to make the transition between their wolf forms and human forms easier - meaning, less clothes were ruined in the process.

The Werewolves, barely able to control the wild desires in them, unable to control their tempers and initially unable to control the rage in them that transforms them.
But isn't this the same with the newborn vampires? Isn't that what everyone kept telling her; she wouldn't be able to control her powers, her instincts? Isn't that why they advised her against seeing Nessie and Charlie so soon after her transformation?

Oh, and later on Jacob sexually assaults Bella, something that good, white Edward would never too, b/c he is perfect and chaste.
You're right. /sarcasm/Good, white Edward only stalked her and some places would actually consider what he'd done on their wedding night physical abuse.
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