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posted by woofbark
Okay. I'm going TRY to be thorough, and express my reasons in a clear way. If there's something 당신 think is wrong 또는 incorrect, feel free to 토론 that point.


The plot of the book is like the structure of a building-without it, the book is moot. Both HP and T have simple plots (Girl falls in 사랑 with a vampire, boy discovers he's a wizard).

However, HP (In my opinion) is unpredictable, whereas Twilight is very predictable.
In fact, (I swear this is true) I had a person who'd never read the Twilight 책 before, watched the movies, and had barely known the series existed, read book...
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posted by PiperLunaPotter
Why do 당신 like Harry Potter/Twilight?
I'm sorry, but I want to read something positive. Please, no fighting and number these. So, I'll go first.
I like Harry Potter.

1. Hermione shows that girls can be smart and it's great if they are. None of the girls need a boy to survive. They can defend themselves. Harry and Ron do depend on Hermione for schoolwork. Ginny is accomplished at the Bat-Bogey Hex.
2. Harry is willing to sacrifice himself if it means his 프렌즈 will survive.
3. Harry's is brave, but he still has emotion. When he goes into the forest in Ch. 34 (DH), he's scared, but he...
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posted by ilovereading
I was thinking about difference in Harry Potter and Twilight background and this is what I concluded. Enjoy!

Knowledge of magical beings not soo very far from their backyards
Harry Potter: As I can get from HP 책 and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, wizarding world was known to Muggles, but because of witch hunt and victims of it in both sides, wizard decided to go underground and not to be commonly know to people. They don`t use spells in front of Muggles and if sombody does manage to discover their secret, they erase their memory.
However, there are exeptions. Families of Mugle-borns ofcourse...
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posted by TeamSiriusBlack
I did not write this.
1. If a boy is aloof, stand-offish, ignores 당신 또는 is just plain rude, it is because he is secretly in 사랑 with 당신 — and 당신 are the point of his existence.
2.Secrets are good — especially life-threatening ones.
3. It’s OK for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs.
4. If a boy tells 당신 to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the 사랑 of your life. 당신 should stay with him since he will keep 당신 안전한, 안전 forever.
5. If a boy leaves you, especially suddenly (while telling...
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I found this when I randomly looked up "Twihard"

Stupid obsessive people (mostly teenage girls) who are "in 사랑 with fictional characters and wouldn't know a good book if it punched them in the face."

Twihard: "OMG!! Isn't Edward Cullen like so hot??? I'm gonna marry him!!!"

Awesome person who isn't insane: "Dude, he's not real."

Twihard: "How could 당신 say that?! I'm in 사랑 with him!!"


posted by TheBreeze
Everytime I read an anti Twilight article/poll/etc, I see the same point in each.

"Bella is a Mary Sue!"

I don't understand this. The term Mary Sue suggests a perfect person, a person with no flaws, a type of character most people detest 읽기 about. And Bella seems to have been labelled as this a lot. And yet, the same people, who label her as a Mary Sue will complain oh how Bella mistreats her friends, what a coward she is, how dependent on men she is, how silly she is, how whiny she is and the much used: She keeps droning on, and on about Edward!

How does this argument make sense? In one line the writer is stating how perfect she is, the other, how annoying and stupid she is.

Explain to me please?
Now to anyone of the teensy-beensy minority that has never heard of Twilight's male protagonist, Edward Cullen, he supposedly a vampire that falls in deep "love" with a human girl named Bella.

Now I must object to this 설명 of the Edward and Bella (Edella 또는 Bedward, lol). While the relationship is described as being true love, I personally think that the relationship is any BUT deep, true love. It is, in my, along with many other fanpoppers, opinion that this relationship is extraordinarily unhealthy and codependent, and that Edward's supposed "love" is obsessive love.

Obsessive love:...
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So I have heard/read a LOT of arguments over this topic, and I find it ridiculous. Here are some reasons why they can't be compared with each other:

1- 글쓰기 styles. Rowling writes in a descriptive third-person, whereas Meyer writes in a first-person account of a seventeen 년 old girl. 당신 can't expect Bella to talk like a professional poet of some sort, I doubt many average teenage girls do that.

2- Plot. Harry Potter is mainly about wizards and fighting. Twilight is about 뱀파이어 and romance... Totally the same (Major burning sarcasm).

3- Audience. Harry Potter is aimed for children. Before...
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Ok, some of this is opinion, some is fact, so don't critisize it because it is my opinion. And don't be rude in the 코멘트 section!

1. If the Cullens are "vampire's" that don't burn in the sun, don't drink blood, young, rich, immortal and beautiful, then why are they in Forks, Washington!? In HIGH SCHOOL!?

2. 당신 say this story is about a Vampire, Werewolf and Human. I won't disagree with the human part, but the Cullens are NOT vampires. They don't drink blood, they don't die from a stake to the heart, they don't burn in the sun, and they don't have fangs. Jacob isn't a werewolf. He doesn't...
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posted by TrueTwi_hard
A lot of people ask me what my reasons are for liking Twilight. Because I am sicken of having to answer every single time, and because a couple of people told me to, I wrote an article.

Twilight changed my way of looking at things.
Sure... It's not real, but the book made me look at my opinion. My whole life would be different if it wasn't written. I'm not one of those Twilight 팬 who only care about how hot Robert Pattinson is. The book changed me, not the movie. The twilight serie is a wonderful life-lesson wrapped in a beautiful story. I'm glad Miss. Meyer wrote it. These are my main reasons:...
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This is purely my opinion. NOTE: A lot of these are jokes.

1. Hermione should become an anti-feminist

2. Harry should have killed Dobby in book 2

3. Trixy's torture should have left permanently disfiguring scars

4. Hermione should have bigger flaws. Something 더 많이 that being kind of bossy

5. vampires

6. The United States of America

7. Ginny becomes a prostitute, as nature would have it.

8. Ron died playing chess

9. Dumbledore gets killed 의해 a unicorn

10. Harry's scar was on the inside of his wrist.

11. The 초콜릿 shouldn't be alive

12. They listened to music

13. They drive cars

14. Kristen Stewart should...
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posted by SpeedyGonzalez
I, SpeedyGonzalez did NOT write this. I just merely copyed and pasted it.

Ah, yes, Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series. My opinion of her, from the way that she has presented herself to the public in interviews and such, is that she is a whiny, self absorbed woman with the mind of a 13 년 old. She can't deal with criticism because it hurts her delicate little feelings, and believes that she is an amazing writer and that her story and characters are somehow superior to those seen in the works of people such as Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. Here's one statement that shows that...
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harry potter is now logged in
harry ;anyone here i bored and can't do Magie
Ginny;y w has now logged in
ginny; yea am here this is why better then are old owl LOL
harry; huh? LOL wants that tell ron say hi d hi
ron w has lodged in
ron; hi harry was up and ginny get out of this chat room
ginny; u can't make me
harry; ron ginny be nice and can any one till me what LOL and waz means
ginny; LOL means laughter out loud and wazwantt is up
ron ;lol means laughh out loud and waz want is up
ginny; 당신 took the words right out of my mouth
edwardcullen has now logged in
harry; freak
ron; yea
ginny; get off hear your in the wrong chat room go to the one with the six 년 olds
edwardcullen; ok
edwardcullen has logged out
ginny has logge out
harry has logged out
ron has logged out
posted by HaleyDewit
1.A lot of trees have been sacrificed for Twishit
2.It's deathly boring
3.Sparkling vampires?Really?
4.Edward is a pedophile and a stalker.To every girl who thinks Edward's the perfect boyfriend: a guy who watches 당신 when 당신 sleep,is not romantic,but creepy.
5.There are a lot of plotholes
6.Bella has as much personality as the spoon I'm looking at right now.
7.Quotations like 'liquid topaz eyes' (since when are eyes liquid???)and 'it's an optional choice'(Where does Smeyer live,because it's obvious they don't have a dictionary there)
8.Bella is the stereotype of the woman before feminism.She's completely...
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posted by PrincessVandal
For all of 당신 who don't know this, but I am an ex-Twilight fan. This my own personal opinion based on my personal experience with the series. For all of the Twilight 팬 who may be 읽기 this right now, 당신 have been warned. So here I go:

When in the course of normal, non-brainwashed leader events, it becomes necessary to dissolve the addiction of the highly “popular” teen-craving novel which have been oppressive to the efforts to differentiate the normal and the abnormal 판타지 to which people, generally females, dreamed of, decent respect to the creativity based on the author's dream...
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posted by MissKnowItAll
I have read a lot of 기사 etc like this, but I thought I would write m own views down.

One thing I have heard about Twilight being better is that SMeyer is a better writer. I ask you, how on earth is SMeyer a better writer.

Take this sentence from New Moon:

'Suddenly, it(the bike) looked intimidating, frightening, as I realised I would soon be astride it.'

How does that flow as a sentence? It has two separate realisations together in one sentence. I found it awkward to read.

SMeyer doesn’t make us connect with her characters. She doesn’t describe their feeling well at all. She is not a good...
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posted by DivyaHarry
These are 문신 of girls who are over-the-top obsessed about Twilight. Click on the 링그 to see them.



Are these people kidding themselves? The worst is the Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson one. Ugh!

I was horrified 의해 looking at them. It's one thing to be a part of a fad but it's a whole different thing to make that fad a part of your body.

What is the world coming to? Tomorrow when these girls go to get these horrors removed they'll probably be spending a lot 더 많이 than they spent paying to get it done.
If I were to write “Breaking Dawn” (minus the part of the Volturi getting arrested 의해 the police), here’s how it would go:

1. Bella beats up Jake for imprinting on her daughter

2. Volturi get word about Renesmee’s birth and rush off to Forks, bringing an entire army with them

3. Cullens get allies and several people who just flat-out hate the Volturi.

4. 늑대 get in on it

5. Big battle ensues and several allies (like Tanya and Rosalie) die

6. Renesmee runs away and hides and Jacob follows her

7. Alice and Jasper show up with SEVERAL half-breeds

8. Volturi freaks out; one fathered a half breed...
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Here's my response to this rubbish.

1- the 글쓰기 is better
Um, no. It's really not.

2- the actors/actresses who film the movie are talented
WHAT?! Ok, you're talking about the ecstatic Kristen Stewart, right? The Kristen Stewart who shows so much emotion in every seen of the movies? She looks really excited, huh? She might as well be a mannequin.

3- bella is a role model (she teaches people to hold on to their friendships and stuff and keep their secrets)
Bella is a role model!??!??! Ok, when Edward left bella in New Moon, Bella curled up for months, MONTHS. So that's basically saying that...
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posted by yemi_hikari
Everyone knows Rowling and Meyer's stance on fanfiction and the fact both writers have given a thumbs up of sorts. However, there is something I don't think either one of them would of approve of and it involves those Reading the Books a lot of people are supposedly writing. I say supposedly 글쓰기 because copying from another persons work is not 글쓰기 unless 당신 are quoting under fair use. And boy... every single 읽기 the 책 I've come across is not in fair use and constitutes plagiarism. I know how to write one that doesn't constitute plagiarism, but I'll save that until the end.

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