As 당신 probably know, the Twilight vs. Harry Potter spot is a 토론 spot. We come here mainly to 토론 over which series is better and why, 또는 to discuss why we like one series better than the other, then others can, if they wish, 토론 the points made in the other persons arguments.

However, there is a difference between debating and fighting.

When 당신 debate, 당신 are willing to see both sides of an argument. 당신 have to understand why the other person is saying what they are saying before 당신 토론 against their point. Understanding does NOT necessarily mean agreeing. It means "I see why 당신 are saying this, and I understand your point." From there, 당신 can either say "I agree," in which case 당신 could either leave it at that 또는 당신 could continue their point, 또는 당신 could say "I disagree because..."

Furthermore, when 당신 debate, 당신 must be polite. Once insults begin, 당신 are no longer debating. At that point, 당신 are fighting.

What is the difference between a 코멘트 of 토론 and a 코멘트 of fighting?

(I will use an example for both Twilight and Harry Potter, because this particular 기사 is not for 또는 against one side.)

An argument to support your point could look something like...
"I think Harry Potter is a better book than Twilight because the characters are much better developed than the Twilight characters. For example..." and then the person would go on to give examples and further support their reasoning.
"I think Twilight is a better book than Harry Potter because I feel that 당신 can really get to know the protagonist much better with a first person POV. Furthermore..." and they would continue their argument from there with support and reasoning.

A debating 코멘트 could look something like...
"I see your point, but I must disagree because I believe that Ginny, for example, is a Mary Sue. I think this because..." and the person would give examples and support.
"I understand what 당신 are saying, but I have to disagree because Jacob did force Bella to 키스 her against her will, which is technically sexual abuse. Also..." and the person would give examples and support.

A pathetic argument would look like... (and I'll put a few of these because I see them so often)
"Twilight is better than Harry Potter because it just is."
"Twilight is better than Harry Potter because Harry is a nerd. Edward is hot."
"Harry Potter is better than Twilight because 뱀파이어 don't sparkle."
"Harry Potter is better than Twilight because Edward is a gay sparkly fairy."

An arguing and degrading 코멘트 would look like...
"You're a Twitard, and therefore everything 당신 say is stupid. 당신 don't know what you're talking about. Twilight sucks, and Harry Potter is awesome, so just deal with it."

The difference between Twilighters and Harry Potter Fans? Here we go...

Often time, Twilighters are classified as crazy, raving 팬 girls who can't see 또는 think straight. I know this is not necessarily true. However, the reason Twilighters are classified as this is because when Twilighters fight (and I'm not talking about the polite debaters), they often resort down to things such as...
-You're just jealous
-Harry is ugly
-Edward is hot
-Shut up, 당신 don't know what you're talking about
-It's just better, so deal with it

Harry Potter Fans:
I often see Harry Potter 팬 being just as harmful and degrading as Twilight 팬 (again, not all of you. I've seen plenty of polite and kind Harry Potter fans. But there are quite a few of 당신 who aren't so). The difference? Harry Potter 팬 hide it. They use intelligence and cleverness to snidely shoot very harmful arguments at Twilight fans, which in some ways is worse because it not only insults what is being said directly, but it makes the Twilight 팬 feel stupid. I'm not going to give examples, but I'm pretty sure 당신 all know exactly what I'm talking about. (I usually do a good job refraining from this, but every so often someone just ticks me off and I know I am guilty of this. I usually apologize. 의해 the way, if any Twilighter feels that I've truly insulted them, not just because they feel they cannot out-debate me, but because I've been downright mean, please tell me, and I'll apologize.)

So please. When we comment, and I'm speaking to both sides here, please respect one another. Otherwise, this is no longer a 토론 spot, but a hate spot. I think arguing is fine, but hate is not. Thank you. :)