I know a lot of people think the Cullen family could beat Harry, Ron and Hermione in a battle. I have read both series, and I realize that the Cullens have super speed and super strength. However, I do not think that the Cullens would stand a chance against the Trio.

Let's look back at the battle history of each...

The Cullens:
- They defeated James in the first book. However, there was only one of him and there were five of them, I believe? So that really isn't saying much.

- They defeated a band of immature 뱀파이어 with no fighting skills in Eclipse. They went in knowing they would win because of the fact the vamps they were fighting had no skills whatsoever in fighting. Again, not a big deal.

- At the end of Breaking Dawn, they were finally going to battle someone that would be somewhat of a challenge to them. So, what happens? They gather an army, and they talk. That's it. They let the supposedly evil 뱀파이어 just walk away and continue to be unjust. Um, does this strike anybody else as cowardly?

The Trio:
- Robbed Gringotts Wizarding Bank, which has never been done before, and all past wizards who have attempted have failed. I'd say that in itself is pretty impressive. But wait! There's more!

- Saved the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone from the clutches of Quirrel and, ultimately, Voldemort. 당신 know how old they were when they did this? Eleven! How many eleven 년 olds do 당신 know who could do anything like that?

- Saved Ginny and the rest of the school from the horrors within the Chamber of Secrets (the Basilisk and Voldemort)

- Helped Sirius escape the clutches of the Ministry and defied hundreds of dementors. Only very skilled wizards can even produce a Patronus! Harry, at the age of 13, defied hundreds of them!

- Survived (and won) the Triwizard Tournament against witches and wizards older and 더 많이 advanced than Harry. This includes stealing an egg from a dragon, saving Ron from the merpeople and surviving the maze of doom (that is what I call it.)

- Faced of Voldemort unexpectedly and survived to tell the tale. At age 14.

- With 프렌즈 (Neville, Ginny, Luna), escaped the clutches of the Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries (MUCH 더 많이 exciting in the book than the movie, just so 당신 know)

- Collected and destroyed Voldemort's horcruxes

- Escaped with their lives from the Death Eaters on various occasions

- Final Battle: gathered an army and actually fought the Death Eaters. They suffered from loss, sacrifice and pain, but they did not give up and they did not give in. It was quite an intense battle, but in the end, Molly Weasley defeated Bellatrix single handedly, Neville killed off Nagini to make it possible to defeat Voldemort, and Harry went and defeated him single handedly as well.

- Many, many 더 많이 things as well. If I list them, it will take forever. If 당신 want to find out more, read the books.

So, looking at their accomplishments, do 당신 really think the Cullens would have the slightest chance against the Trio? I think not.