I knw that many of 당신 hv read the 책 and watched the Harry Potter series. At first, I liked it very much, but later on, it got really boring to the point I had to force myself to watch tthe 영화 and read the books. I know that I don't "have" to force myself to do anything, but there was no other way to spend my holidays. One of my friends, who is a Potter 팬 recommended this series to me and gave me all the 영화 and books. I finished 읽기 all the 영화 and also finished 읽기 all the books. At the end, I was really disappointed.
I hate Harry Potter. Now, don't go saying that I don't like Harry Potterbecause I am a Twilight fan. To be honest, I never bothered to even check Twilight. So, no, I am not a Twilight fan. I don't hate 또는 like 또는 dislike Twilight since I never watched 또는 read it before.
Anyway, here's the reasons why I hate and dislike Harry Potter:-
1- Okay, this occured to me when I reached book 5 of the massive series. I noticed that each and every story ends up with Harry defeating Voldemort easily when he attempts to come back. As shown in the Chamber Of Secrets, Harry defeats Voldemort 의해 stabbing Voldemort's diary with with a basilisk fang. Harry easily killing the basilisk was tolerable. We all know that Voldemort was the most powerful and dangerous wizard of all time. Then how the heck can Harry defeat Voldemort without struggling 또는 intense battling with Voldemort? This is a huge humiliation for the main antagonist of the series. This showed me that Voldemort is really weak against Harry.
2- As I read the series, I noticed that there was almost no character development. And also the main Protagonist, Harry is not as skilled in spells as Hermione. When it comes to Hermione, she is the best at using spells. Spells are needed to defeat enemies and Hermione seems to be 더 많이 powerful than Ron and Harry. Hermione is the one who saves Ron and Harry when they are in trouble. It's almost like without Hermione, they would be doomed. Most of the time, Harry and Ron gets into huge trouble when Hermione is not there with them.
3- Plot holes. The main one I am going to focus on is the time turner. Harry could have killed Voldemort just 의해 using the time turner. Why wasn't it there when Harry needed it the most? Things like this shouldn't exist in the series. It damages the plot so much. And it wouldn't have been fun even if Harry used the time turner to kill Voldemort.
4- Couples. Honestly, I thought that Harry and Hermione would be a couple, but instead, Ron and Hermione became a couple. I was like what the hell? Sometimes Ron treat Hermione very badly and yet she gets together with him. Also, Harry and Hermione seemed to have chemistry. And also they looked damn well together. But when Ginny and Harry became a couple, it was gross. They didn't even have time to know each other that well.
5- Useless things. Actually, I have spotted only one thing that proves itself to be useless in the plot. That thing is the game of Quidditch. While Quidditch is great game, it proves to be useless to the whole plot. Quidditch is a great, but useless game in Harry Potter.
6- This is the main reason why I hate Harry Potter. The ultimate evil is stopped 의해 love. Just love. Nothing else. Sure, 사랑 is powerful, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it can defeat the ultimate evil. Voldemort is shown to be a villain who has never been loved 의해 anyone and he is doomed. It's almost like, if 당신 are not loved 또는 don't have any friends, 당신 are doomed. Voldemort was doomed at the very start. Voldemort's defeat in the night that Harry's parents died was because of the so called "love". There wasn't any kind of magic protecting Harry. In the end it was "love". Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! Voldemort was defeated 의해 "love" even at the end of the series.
These are the reasons WHY I HATE HARRY POTTER.