A werewolf, 의해 most common lore, is a human that has been bitten 의해 another werewolf, so said human transforms into a werewolf at full moon. Remus Lupin is a prime example for the fact that we know he was bitten 의해 Fenrir Greyback, a notorious werewolf. Jacob Black is another 인기 example but I will break that down later in this article. First a VERY important thing 당신 must know is that a werewolf isn't aware of his 또는 her doing while in werewolf form. Remus Lupin was required to leave school grounds every full moon, so he is a true werewolf. Jacob Black, however, is completely aware of his actions as a werewolf. Therefore Jacob Black is not a true werewolf. This 기사 was written from an unbiased point of view and was well researched.