Before 당신 read anything: I happen to enjoy both HP AND T. I also happen to think HP is a billion times better. This is just my opinion. No need to freak out about this article. I am NOT trying to undermine T fans' opinions, I am just stating why I (and at least a few others) get annoyed with T fans.

So most of the posts on here have to do with of course, Harry Potter vs Twilight. But after skimming through comments, I found a shocking amount of crazy responses from twilight fans. This got me thinking. Maybe the reason this fued has grown so large is not because of the question: Is Harry Better, 또는 is Twilight? But because of the insane amount of fighting there is between the fans, in the comments, and posts.

I'm sure to T fans, HP 팬 sound pompous, and stuck up, because we are always parading how, HP is so much 더 많이 well written and intelligent, and Twilight is for 14 년 old girls. (I happen to be a 15 년 old girl, and am NOT obsessed with Twilight, so yes, it is possible.)

To HP fans, T 팬 are annoying as heck, way too emotional and not to offend anyone...but lots of their 코멘트 are not very intelligent. Such as this one, that I read earlier today:

"Well,cedrics voice is exy,but cedric don't pluch his eyebrow.Edwrad is already painted as the sexiest vampire ever so that makes him heaps better.Sorry cedric,but i would rather edwad"

Seriously. I know that many T 팬 are way better at voicing their opinons than this...but many 코멘트 are like this. It gets annoying after a while.

I realize there are many people out there that DO NOT fit the stereotypes I just described, but hey, just a thought.

Harry Potter FOREVER.